Pricing varies depending on length, texture and time of service. All prices are subject to an up charge depending on length and density of hair.
 Hair Sculpture
    MENS              $25 and up
    WOMENS        $40 and up
    CHILD              $18 and up
 Color - all color subject to up charge depending on the length and density and pending on regrowth length.
    SINGLE PROCESS REGROWTH                 $40
    FULL HEAD COLOR                                      $40 and up
    DOUBLE PROCESS HIGH LIFT BLONDE    $$80 and up for first time
    ROOTS ONLY HIGH LIFT BLONDE              $40
    HALO COLOR. Just the hairline and crown    $15 and up
    FULL FOIL                        $80 and up
     1/2 HEAD                         $65 and up
     SUNKISSING                   $45 and up
     FACE FRAMING              $35 and up
     UMBRE                            $80 and up
     CORRECTIVE COLOR    $80 - $220 call for complete free consult
     COLOR BALANCING       $40 and up
     CLEAR GLOSS                $35 AND UP

     TRENDY PUNKY or FREESTYLE - Quoted Upon Request and Free Consult


    Staring at $25
    Blow-dry curly to straight     $35 and up
    Flat Iron/Curling Iron             $10 extra and up

Perms / Body Waves

     SENIOR PERMS                                         $50 and up includes style    
     BODY WAVE                                               $65 and up
     TEXTURE and VOLUME ONLY PERMS    $50 and up
     SPIRAL PERMS                                          $80 and up

    SMOOTHING TREATEMENT        $350 and up (Formaldehyde free)
    STRAIGHTING/RELAXERS           $80 and up

Hair Extensions

Please call for  all the options. we have so many techniques its impotant to consult with you to explain fully all the options and determine what will work for you.
call the studio for more details.

    Customized waxing using the wax that best suits your hairs present texture and your skin type.

     LIP                     $6
     BROW               $12
     BROW AND BROW TINT    $20
     SIDEBURNS                                            $6     
     CHIN                                                        $6
     MENS NECK                                            $10
     BCK                                                          $25 and up
     UNDER ARM                                            $15
     BRAZILIAN                                               $35 and up
     ARM 1/2                                                    $15
     ARM FULL                                                $30  
     LEGS ½                                                    $25
     FULL LEG                                                 $50 and up
     BODY BUILDER WAXING                       $150 and up full body
     TRIATHALONISTS                                   $150 and up full body
 Massage Therapist

     Call for Current Pricing