Writing Calligraphy Using A Pen

You can write calligraphy with any pen, pencil or even a Biro.  You do not need to have special calligraphy pens or expensive art equipment to write calligraphy and calligraphy can be used in lots of ways.

You can start with a simple project, for example, writing out a menu.  You will need to decide what style of font you would like to use.  The one shown on the video clip is a simple Foundation Hand style.

You will need some layout paper and pencils to map out your design.  I have used cream paper for the menu.

Mapping Out your Menu

Draw some faint guidelines with a pencil to map out where you need to write your menu.  Next, draw a vertical line that divides the page into two.  Write your menu on a rough piece of paper and count how many letters and spaces each line of words has.  Divide this number into two.  Start writing in faint pencil the letter that would land on the centre of the page.

For example, the words ‘Steak and Chips’ have 15 letter spaces, (including the spaces between the letters).  Divide 15 into 2.  The letter that needs to be written on the vertical line should be the letter ‘n’.  Write the words after the letter n and then lightly write the letters backwards before the letter ‘n’.  This is to centre your words on each line on the page.  It does not matter if you go over a little, as long as the words are written roughly centrally on the page.

Writing the Menu Using A Biro

Once you are happy with the pencilled letters, you can begin to write the letters in pen.  You can use Biro or felt tip pens if desired. 

Carefully write the letters over the pencilled letters, and keep roughly to the pencilled letters that you have written previously.  Take your time writing the letters on the page.  Once you have written the menu with your Biro  leave the ink to dry and then carefully rub out the pencilled guidelines on the page.  This technique can be used, using chalk on a chalkboard.

Using A Pen To Write Calligraphy

You can write calligraphy styles using a Biro or just a normal writing pen for everyday purposes, such as greeting cards, shopping lists or labels.  Try different fonts and styles for everyday projects and effects.

You can also draw some fancy patterns, for example, Celtic Knots with a Biro to enhance your calligraphy work.

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