Uncial Letters

How To Write Calligraphy With A Felt Tip Pen

Writing calligraphy with a felt-tip pen or a large marker pen is very easy and quite effective.  All you need is a couple of simple materials, such as some A 3 sized sheets of paper and a black felt tip pen.  You can buy some felt tip pens with an angled nib, that resembles a calligraphy nib and this can give some really pleasing results. 

Making A Poster Using Calligraphy Styles

Choosing a calligraphy style to produce posters depends on the content of the poster, but the Uncial letters are a great and easy style.  This style is easy to write using a large marker pen or a felt tip pen.  The letters are very legible and are characterized by rather fat, bold and well-rounded letterforms.

How Do I Learn How To Write Uncial Letters

This style is quite easy to learn.  Shown below on the video tutorial, is an example of how to write big, bold letters, such as the Uncial style, using a black felt tip calligraphy pen but you can use a simple large marker pen or a normal felt tip pen if you like. 

Start by drawing some faint guidelines with a fine pencil on a piece of smooth, white paper, then start to practice writing the Uncial style, copying the examples but be careful to keep to the guidelines and keep the spaces equal between each letter.  Use a very bold, fat felt-tip pen for maximum effect.  Use paper that does not allow the felt tip pen to bleed.  Using colored card is ideal for producing posters and flyers.

YouTube Video

How To Write Uncial Letters

YouTube Video

Uncial Calligraphy