Simple Projects

Where do you start when learning the art of a new skill, such as calligraphy?  You can create some simple and easy projects, for example, writing with different calligraphy inks or writing some short and simple sentences, or even how to draw a simple Celtic knot!

Writing Short Sentences For A Simple Project

You can start writing calligraphy using basic, random sentences of your choice, for example ‘a beautiful day’, or ‘pat a cake’.

The video clips, shown below, demonstrate examples, using a medium sized calligraphy nib and blue ink and using fine layout paper.

You can create any straightforward projects of your choice, using simple sentences or poems of your choice.  Once you have completed your writing, you can draw some patterns and swirls for more effects, as shown in the YouTube videos.

YouTube Video

Different fonts And Styles

You can use different styles to suit the theme or mood and you may use some tinted washes for the background for special effects.  Try out different paper quality for various effects and textures.  Smooth hot pressed paper is great for calligraphy writing. 

Poems And Short Sentences

It is a good idea to do some research and find a favourite poem or short saying of your choice.  You can also write some lyrics from a song, by a favourite pop group or artist, such as the Beatles or Elvis Prestley.

Try writing some simple sentences, if you are stuck, here are some examples of simple sentences to start you off:

Once upon a time in a far away land

A beautiful day in the meadow

Life is a journey to be embraced and enjoyed

Always think positive and let negative thoughts melt away

The snow and ice glistened and looked beautiful in the moonlight

The weekend is the best part of the week!

The dog and the fox had a lazy day bouncing around in the mown grass.  It was joyful and quite wonderful to watch as they kept up their play. (This sentence uses up all the letters of the alphabet).

YouTube Video

Copyright Issues And Calligraphy

You can write any sentence you like and use any poem or piece of work for practising your calligraphy.  However, never use copyrighted material for financial gain or publish the written works without the owner’s permission.  Always check if you would like to publish anything, which is not original.  Copyright laws are very complex so check the information out by visiting legitimate sources regarding copyright laws.

YouTube Video