Collage of different letterforms

Calligraphy can be great fun to learn and you can master so many styles and letterforms, for example, Italic, Cursive italic, Renaissance italic, Gothic, Uncial, Copperplate, and many more.  Calligraphy is not just about writing fancy lettering styles; it is also a beautiful art form.  You can introduce lots of mediums and colours to your artwork, such as watercolours, gouache, pastels, colouring pencils and coloured ink such as Winsor and Newton, which offers many vibrant colours.

Calligraphy can be a great hobby and it is very easy to learn.  It just takes a little practice and patience.  You can show off your new skill, such as creating posters, greeting cards, place names, poems, wedding invitations and much more.

Get Started With The Foundation Hand

If you would like to learn how to write calligraphy styles, a good style to start you off is the Foundation Hand.  This style encourages neat and even writing and can look quite impressive.  You can then build your portfolio up even more by learning other styles, such as italic and Gothic calligraphy.

Get Familiar With Mediums

Try to get familiar with mediums and calligraphy pens and inks.  Using various mediums can be fun and you can get creative with them.  There is so many ways to introduce mediums into calligraphy, such as watercolour washes, pastels and colouring pencils.  These mediums can be used as subtle tints to calligraphy backgrounds, or if you prefer, you can experiment with coloured paper or card.   If desired, you can also introduce some illustrations too.

Calligraphy Art Equipment

Buying art equipment for writing calligraphy is relatively inexpensive.  All you need is good quality calligraphy pens with various nib sizes, calligraphy inks, calligraphy paper and pencils.  You can buy these from any good art store.  You will find that you can experiment with calligraphy inks, try diluting them for extra transparent effects, or try mixing them with gold and silver colours. Remember to use distilled water as tap water causes the colours to separate. 

Practice Writing Alphabet Letterforms

Try to get familiar with letterforms and different styles of calligraphy letterings.  you can download and print calligraphy templates to practice writing the letterforms and to get familiar with lettering styles.  You can also buy the templates from any art store.  Simply overlay the template with either tracing paper or layout paper.  To become familiar with the letterforms, trace the outlines of the letterforms carefully, using either a sharpened pencil or a black pen.  Afterwards, use a calligraphy pen with a broad nib.  Before long, you will familiarise yourself with the calligraphy alphabet.