Celtic Knots Projects

You can draw some beautiful, impressive mosaic style Celtic knots by using very simple materials, such as a felt tip pen, some colouring pencils, some layout paper and a simple grid.  Drawing Celtic knots is quite easy once you have followed mastered the simple rules.

First of all you will need to map out where to draw the Celtic knots by drawing some faint dots on some layout paper, or you may prefer to draw some simple lines that weave over and under each other, like ribbon.  There are many different ways to draw outlines to create a simple Celtic knot.

Video Demonstrating How To Draw Celtic Knots

The YouTube clip, shown below demonstrates how to draw Celtic knots using dots as a guide to start the initial outlines to begin to create a basic Celtic knot. 

If you look closely, the dots are drawn to outline boxes or diamond shapes.  The lines are then drawn around the dots to create the criss-cross patterns to form the basis of Celtic knots.  If you are drawing the Celtic knot by freehand, it is important to keep a steady hand and take your time when drawing the lines to create the design.

YouTube Video

Celtic Knots and Calligraphy Designs

You can use this repeated mosaic pattern for creating some beautiful illustrations when designing and writing calligraphy projects.  This technique is great for illustrating large capital letters and you can introduce colour and shade to really set off your work.  It is a very simple technique but it looks very effective and impressive.

Celtic Knots and Colours

The picture, shown below, is the finished drawing of the Celtic knots.  

As you can see, I have used some pencils, a black felt-tip pen, and some colouring pencils to introduce some pastel shades.  The yellow makes the mosaic Celtic knots appear golden and the orange colour is used for shading to make the Celtic knots appear to weave over and under itself.  Any colour can be used, for example, green as a base colour and a darker green with a hint of blue to introduce shading.  The colour and shading can make the Celtic knots really come alive.  To finish the project, you can outline the Celtic knots with a thicker nibbed black pen.

 Writing Special Greeting Cards

You can introduce Celtic knots for Wedding invitations, fancy greeting cards, birthday cards and any other writing projects.  Drawing Celtic knots is quite simple but very effective and it looks great drawn on any fancy stationery.