Combining Calligraphy with Celtic knots

There are many effective and varied ways to introduce Celtic knots into your calligraphy projects. For example, you can trace and map out a capital letter of your choice and then draw the mosaic patterns inside the letter, or you can interweave patterns inside and out of the font itself.

As an example, I have put together a YouTube video (shown on the end of this article) of how to introduce mosaic Celtic knot patterns inside a capital or upper case letter.

Drawing Celtic Knots Inside Letters And fonts

First of all, carefully trace the outline of your chosen capital letter; ensuring the width is thick enough to fit the Celtic pattern inside the ascender (the height part of the letter).  When you have completed drawing your letter, draw some very faint dots inside the letter so they outline squares, as shown in step 1 below:

Step 1:

.           .            .            .            .


 .           .            .            .            .


 .           .            .            .            .


Once you have drawn the dots, insert a dot directly inside the middle of the squares, as shown in the example in step 2:

Step 2:

.           .            .            .            .

      .            .           .           .           

.           .           .            .              .

      .           .           .               .             

 .           .            .            .            .

This forms the basic outlines of drawing Celtic knots.  Once you have drawn the dots, inside the capital letter, draw criss-cross lines around the dots that weave over and under each other, like a ribbon pattern.  For more clarity, you can watch the video on this article, shown below.  You can follow this pattern using the video as a guide.

Carefully draw these lines in pencil at first until you are happy with the result.  Once you have outlined the lettering with the Celtic knots, you can begin to draw the lines in black felt-tip pen or any pen and ink colour of your choice.  Introduce some colour with colouring pencils, paint or pastels of your choice and colour in the Celtic mosaic.  I have used some yellow pencils to colour in the mosaic pattern and some orange for the shading, to give the appearance of the over and under weaving effects.  Next, colour in the letter with some blue and green for contrast.  You can use any colour or medium of your choice for effects.  Try to experiment with different mediums, colours and contrast to make a really effective piece of artwork.

You can do lots of things when combining Celtic knots with calligraphy and I will show more examples in this site later on.

YouTube Video