Beginners Guide

Calligraphy is an indiscriminate hobby and can be a wonderful pastime.  Whether you are young or old, or from any background, it is never too late to learn.  It is a relatively inexpensive hobby and anyone can acquire this simple skill.

What Can I Get Out Of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is so easy to learn.  It can help boost your confidence, for example, help you brush up on your handwriting; you can also learn some simple and basic techniques or you may just want the pleasure of learning something new!  Calligraphy can be learned quickly and easily and you can learn some great writing styles.  There really is so many ways to kick start your hobby!

Fast Track To Learning Calligraphy

A great way to learn quickly is to familiarise yourself with the letterforms and text styles.  Times New Roman is a nice and easy style to start with, orItalic or another style.  You can buy some simple templates from any good art and craft store, or if you prefer, you can print off some sheets of calligraphy styles, and copy them by studying them or tracing outlines on some tracing or layout paper. 

Getting Used To Writing With A Calligraphy Pen

Holding a calligraphy pen is one of the most important things you must learn.  You need to hold the pen at a steady angle, and write with confidence and flow.  The most common mistake is to allow the pen to drift into different angles.  Once you have mastered this skill, you can move onto drawing some simple patterns and diamonds with the pen.  Try drawing some simple full-stops so they look like a diamond shape.  Once you have mastered this, you can join up the diamonds so they look like a diagonal diamond tiled pattern.  This will help you with good pen control.


Moving Onto More Intricate Patterns

Once you have mastered the art of holding a calligraphy pen and drawing diamonds shapes, you can move onto more intricate patterns and shapes.  You can practice how to draw some Celtic Knots, for example or you may prefer to draw patterns of your own.  The choices are endless and there are no rules!

Writing Simple Letters With A Calligraphy Pen

Many people like to write some simple letterforms, for example, repeating patterns such as ‘s’ shapes or ‘o’ shapes, and writing these shapes repeatedly on some ruled paper.  This is a great technique to get to grips with writing some simple calligraphy letters.  You can also use this technique when learning to write more challenging and complex letter shapes, for example, Gothic styles.  Writing these styles will quickly become second nature and you will not need to copy letters or templates anymore.