Bob Martin was born on Long Island, NY in 1932 and began painting at an early age.  He attended Pratt Institute in New York City for a semester after high school.

He entered the United States Army in 1952 as an illustrator of training aids at Fort Ord, California and at the Army Language School, Monterey, California.  Following discharge from the army in 1954, he began freelance work in architectural illustration, a long career from which he retired in 2007.  

His public work, still extant, includes a fresco secco mural for the Church of Religious Science in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He illustrated the book, "The Voice Celestial" by Dr. Ernest Holmes published by Dodd-Mead in 1960.  His paintings can be found in many private collections.  He exhibited in the Ann Jacobs Gallery in Highlands, North Carolina from 1987 to 1990.  

In his sumi-e paintings, Martin successfully merges western and eastern aesthetics. The influences of Japanese techniques and sensibilities can be seen in much of his work.  His paintings most often focus on landscape and natural objects, displaying an understanding of the effects of space and time.  Studies of these wonderful techniques have been from publications of landscape art of painters from both Japan and China.  His previous works have largely been landscape studies and this carries forward into his sumi-e works.

Artist's Statement:

"I paint to please myself.  I have nothing to prove with my painting, no theory to expound, no revolutionary ideas to give to the world.  I give myself, using my talents to the best of my ability."  

Each moment, only once.

Mind first-brush later