Coventry's Costa Rican Chicken

Coventry's Costa Rican Chicken (This would serves about 4)

I double this and it feeds our family of 7 with lots of leftovers. 

Package of tortillas, either burrito or taco size will do.

 2 cans black beans

1 1/2 chicken breasts

1 cup  rice (uncooked)

1 small onion sliced

1/2  stick of butter

Lizano Salsa** (or your favorite salsa or sauce)


1.First boil your chicken breasts (mine come straight from the freezer, and that is just fine!)

2. Start cooking rice (I boil 1.5 cups of water with some salt and olive oil, and add 1 cup of rice when boiling, perfect in about 20 minutes)

3. Prepare black beans

4. Shred cooked chicken 

5. Saute sliced onions in one stick of butter till translucent and tender, not browned

6. Add cooked rice to onions.

7. Add shredded chicken. Stir together and cook for a few minutes to get all the flavors mixed together.

8. Place chicken mix on warmed tortilla followed by black beans and then salsa.

Lizano Salsa is more of a sauce then what we typically think of as a salsa. (salsa means sauce in Spanish.)

For the last 10 years we have gotten it from my dear dad-in-law when he went to Costa Rica to surf, but I just found out I can buy it here! And it got here in 2 days! Straight from Miami. Now, you should know, what makes this recipe out of this world amazing is the Lizano Salsa. But if you have a sauce, or salsa you feel that strongly about, then this here recipe would be the perfect place to highlight it's flavors!