Links to other webpages connected to DC Comics and/or annotations 

Crisis On Earth Prime - my blog about this, the Annotated Final Crisis and the Annotated Blackest Night sites as well as comics in general.

The Annotated Blackest Night - my site with annotations for the Green Lantern event.

The Annotated DC Project - my site containing annotations on previous DC series.

The Annotated Final Crisis - the follow up to Infinite Crisis and my attempts at annotating it.

DC Comics - the homepage of DC.

The Annotated Crisis On Infinite Earths - the inspiration for this site, a comprehensive look at one of the biggest comics events ever.

Be The Shepherd - a website with annotations of Swamp Thing and Uncle Sam. - a site offering an inexpensive yet powerful and customisable database for storing details about your comic collection; thoroughly recommended.

Door Number Six - the blog of Rob Rogers, author of the cracking superhero novel, Devil's Cape. 

Enjolrasworld - a site dedicated to collating comic book annotations; well worth a look.

Graphic Audio - this company have produced an amazing audio version of Infinite Crisis.

Jess Nevins - another site I found years ago and which has played a part in getting me annotating Infinite Crisis. A damn fine site and, if you enjoy Alan Moore's work, you should check this out. 

Malaysian Comics Fan - the first site I found that annotated Infinite Crisis; when you get there, click "Articles" on the left hand menu - well worth a read.

The Unauthorized Chronology Of The DC Universe - a staggering amount of work put in to trying to get the DCU's timeline straight.

Who's Who In The DC Universe - an excellent reference site for finding out details about most DC characters.

Wikipedia's Infinite Crisis page - a brief overview of the series.