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About This Site

        What is this site about?

Infinite Crisis is a seven issue series from DC Comics published in 2005 - 06, the culmination of almost two years worth of hints and sub-plots in other comics and a sequel to the huge and groundbreaking maxi series Crisis On Infinite Earths published way back in 1985 - 86.

This site annotates the seven issues of Infinite Crisis as well as providing background on the stories that surround it.

        Why annotate a comic book series? 

Why not?! I've been a fan of DC Comics for years; couple that with an enjoyment of annotations, footnotes and explanatory texts and there's a match made in heaven. I was also inspired by the Annotated COIE site which was one of the first comic sites I found when I got on the net back in '99. There are other sites worth looking at if you like annotations and they can be found in the links page.

        How is it set out? 

It should be self explanatory; the Page is mentioned first, followed by the Panel that's being annotated and then the notes. Panels are numbered in the order they're read (obviously) and their contents are usually described left to right and top to bottom unless otherwise mentioned. Not every page and panel will be mentioned so don't be surprised if the notes skip forward. Some panels that have a lot of characters will be reproduced and the characters numbered with the key next to them.

        Why are some characters marked as "unknown"? 

Give me a break! I can't know everything about every character in the DC Universe! I'm pretty well read as far as the Green Lantern Corps go, as well as the Justice League and Justice Society and a few others, but some things (like LEGION or Aquaman for example) I've never read.

If you see anything in bold and blue, I need more information - usually, but not always, the name of a character. E-mail me at jigsawmen [AT] googlemail [DOT] com and I'll give you a mention in the acknowledgements page.

        What are the abbreviations used?

  • COIE = Crisis On Infinite Earths
  • DOV = Day Of Vengeance
  • IC = Infinite Crisis
  • IDC = Identity Crisis
  • OP = OMAC Project
  • RODT = Return Of Donna Troy
  • RTW = Rann/Thanagar War
  • VU = Villains United
  • GL = Green Lantern
  • JLA = Justice League Of America
  • JSA = Justice Society Of America
        Some characters have Roman numerals after them - what's that about?

Following COIE, some characters were erased from continuity while others were absorbed into DCU history. While the ramifications of IC are still mostly unknown at the time of writing, I've stuck with the numbering of characters that was established post-COIE. For example:

Huntress I is Paula Brooks - a villain from the 40's and 50's; Huntress II is Helena Bertinelli who first appeared in 1989. Between these two characters a different Huntress - Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman and Catwoman - appeared between 1977 and 1986. As this Huntress was based on Earth-Two and, post-COIE never actually existed, she is not counted.

        Who are you?

My name's Gary and I have a blog about comics here.