Help Needed

Scattered throughout these annotations are a few bits and pieces that I either don't know or need to double check on. Rather than have everyone scan through each page, I've compiled all the unknowns here.

If you can help me with these, drop me a line at jigsawmen [AT] googlemail [DOT] com and I'll put your name up on the Acknowledgements page.

Page 9 - Panel 3    On behalf of Luthor and the Society, The Calculator is attempting to discover who is behind the OMACs. Calculator is surrounded by screens, many of which show villains. In the bottom left is Cliff Carmichael and the digital version of the Thinker; going round the desk, the next screen shows two Firestorm villains, Bug and Byte; the last shows a smiling man; and bottom right is Colonel Computron.

Page 1 - Panel 3    In the fight beneath the waves, Aquaman hits someone.

Page 5 - Panel 4    Many Amazons are shown here but I don't know if they're specific characters or generic Amazons. Any help greatly appreciated.

Pages 6-7 - Panel 4 - Earth-898    The Western heroes of the DCU are numbered in the picture below (click to enlarge) and I'm unable to identify number 1 or number 5.

Pages 2-3    The big, two page spread of the Metropolis battle originally had several unidentified characters; with help from you guys, however, there's now just one left - 34) Unknown - figure with yellow face.

Page 5 - Panel 5    Doomsday's hand punching an unknown.

Page 10 - Panel 1    As The Flash takes down Superboy-Prime, characters are caught in his wake including an unknown all in blue.

Page 36 - Panel 2    The characters at the bottom of the panel with the Guardians of the Universe are unknown, though the one in black might be Donna Troy.