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Characters Identified/Corrected

posted 2 Mar 2010, 01:34 by Gary CoEP

Thanks to Patrick Carrington for correcting one character and identifying another in the jury of Green Lanterns in issue #5.

Added Site New Feed

posted 29 Oct 2009, 01:12 by Gary CoEP

You can now subscribe to a Site News Feed from either home page or the Site News page and get notified of any changes to the site.

Fixed Broken Links

posted 10 Aug 2009, 06:48 by Gary CoEP

Some of the links in the Tie-in pages weren't working; should be okay now.

Site Migration Complete

posted 9 Aug 2009, 10:24 by Gary CoEP

With the missing issues finally typed up, I've now migrated the old site into this one.

Superman Beyond 3D #2

posted 9 Aug 2009, 09:58 by Gary CoEP

Posted the notes for the final issue that needed to be written up in the whole site.

Revelations #5

posted 9 Aug 2009, 09:20 by Gary CoEP

Finally got the notes for Revelations #5 up and done.

Legion of 3 Worlds #5

posted 9 Aug 2009, 08:56 by Gary CoEP

Notes for issue #5 completed.

Legion of 3 Worlds #4

posted 9 Aug 2009, 05:58 by Gary CoEP

On a bit of a roll - notes for #4 completed.

Legion of 3 Worlds #3

posted 9 Aug 2009, 05:22 by Gary CoEP

Long overdue notes of Lo3W #3 written up.

Site Migration

posted 7 Aug 2009, 09:22 by Gary CoEP

Just about finished moving the information from the old site to this new one hosted by googlesites.

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