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While I can't offer anything of any real value to those who help identify characters, situations or correct my mistakes in these Annotations, I will put your name up on this page as a thank you.

Check the individual issues' notes or the Help Needed page for what I'm missing and mail me at jigsawmen [AT] googlemail [DOT] com.
    Alex Mastroianni  --  for identifying Robotman in the grid in issue #4.

    Chris -- for correcting the time-line error I made in issue #6. 

    Martin Casanova -- for pointing out the detail on Most Excellent Super Bat's costume.

    Patrick Carrington - for identifying G'Hu and correcting Olapet to Apros in issue #5's jury of Green Lanterns.

    Rob Rogers  --  for identifying Taleb Beni Khalid in issue #4.

    Steve Kinsella  --  for several notes on issue #2 and a bunch of other finely spotted details.

    Tony Z  --  for pointing out a simple error in the Superman Beyond 3D write up.

    Zakarias Triunfo  --  for confirming Killer Moth in issue #1.