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About This Site

        What is this site about?

Final Crisis is a seven issue series coming from DC Comics in May 2008. This site will annotate those seven issues as well as, hopefully, providing background on the stories that surround it.

        Why annotate a comic book series? 

Over the last couple of years, I've annotated DC's previous big event, Infinite Crisis, which can be found here. I enjoyed that so much that when Final Crisis was announced it seemed obvious to do the same with this one. I also have another site with annotations for Blackest Night, DC's 1009 event which can be found here.

        How is it set out? 

It should be self explanatory: when the annotations on the main issues are published, they'll be in the format of the Page number first, followed by the Panel that's being annotated and then the notes. Panels are numbered in the order they're read (obviously) and their contents are usually described left to right and top to bottom unless otherwise mentioned. Not every page and panel will be mentioned so don't be surprised if the notes skip forward. Some panels that have a lot of characters will be reproduced and the characters numbered with the key next to them.

        Why are some characters marked as "unknown"? 

I found when annotating Infinite Crisis that there are several corners of the DCU that I know little about - particularly characters such as Aquaman and the Legion of Super-Heroes. As Grant Morrison's knowledge of the DCU is vast, I have no doubt that there will be minor characters dotted around everywhere in the seven issues so I'm going to need some help identifying some of them.

If you see anything in bold and blue, it mean I need more information - usually, but not always, the name of a character. I'll try and collate all the unknowns into the Help Needed page as well as on the individual pages and if you can identify any of them, e-mail me at jigsawmen AT googlemail DOT com and I'll give you a mention in the Acknowledgements page.

        Who are you?

My name's Gary and I have a blog about comics here.