Herd Sires

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Angus Glen Burgos (right and below)
Born: 4/4/2011
Registration: 16994756
Cedric of Wye 8998 x Octoraro Flora 608
This triple-bred Favour x Burgas out of an excellent
young cow from Octoraro Angus (www.octoraroangus.com ) should be the ultimate in grass genetics!  His four great-grandsires are: Federal, Churchill, Favour and Favour.  He'll see heavy use in the herd starting in 2013 to continue concentrating the influences of Favour and Leonid in our maternal foundation.
Burgos is posing here at 30 months of age.  He shows excellent structural characteristics, suggesting that both he and his offspring are built to last.  Like all of our bulls, he is very docile.
Our purchase at the 2013 Wye Angus sale, Leavy of Wye (Quincuis x Cedric) at 18 months of age
Right: Leavy's sire at the Wye Plantation, Quincuius of Wye.  Note the similarity of the "rear views".  Quincuius was sired by one of the later Wye import bulls, Elimast of Ballindalloch who was born in 1953.
 Below: Mister Wilson and Slick hanging out together, waiting for breeding season to start in late July.

Burgos (left, at 2.5 yrs) and Leavy (right, at 1.5 yrs)
AGF Buxton
Born: 4/29/2012
Registration: 17348126
Sipe Slick Friars 3941 x Octoraro Miss Wix 622
(Slick x Bear x Emulation 31)
Right: Buxton at ~ 13 months of age below shortly after returning from the Cornell All Forage-fed Bull test in the spring of 2013.
Below: Buxton at 3 years of age, with a rear-view of Burgos standing on the left.
Sipe Slick Friars 3941 (deceased)
Born: 1/29/2005
Registration: 15835371
Friars of Wye 7996 x Madge of Wye 7941
We purchased this son of the legenday Friars of Wye from Sipe Angus (www.sipeangus.com) in 2008.  Slick was the main herd sire here for four years, leaving many fine daughters that continue to impress us for their outstanding efficiency, maternal instincts, fertility and gentle dispositions. 
 Below - a 2 yr old commercial daughter of Slick
Mister Wilson of BQA 509 
Born: 4/11/2009 
Registration: 16380178
Beral of Wye 9288 x Octoraro Miss Wix 402
The picture to the left is Mister Wilson at three years of age.  It looks like he'll be a chip off the old block, which is just what we were hoping for.  He clearly shows his sire's docility and intelligence, as well as his impressive muscling and thickness.  His first calves out of Slick daughters are looking good!  This was a fine addition from the Black Queen Angus program (www.blackqueenangus.com)
Falgun of Wye UMF 9927 (deceased)
Born: 1/23/10
Registration: 16813977
Boyd of Wye 8059 x Flora of Wye 9618
We selected Falgun at the 2011 Wye sale for his balanced EPD's and pedigree that is up close to some of Wye's great early bulls (http://agresearch.umd.edu/wye/angus).  His paternal grandsire is Vindicator of Milford (born in 1955) and his maternal grandsire is Lonestar of Wye (born in 1972). We used Falgun for three years to sire numerous great daughters.  He died in the fall of 2013 to pneumonia.