Life at Angus Glen

"Snow White" was born on April 1st, 2015 (Yes, I thought the neighbor was foolin' when he called that morning to say that there was a white calf out on pasture).  The dam was "accidentally" bred by a white Galloway bull last summer.  She may be the start of a new line of white cattle at Angus Glen Farms.

 One of the greatest advantages to having a farm is being able to grow our own food.  Grass-fed Angus beef is usually on the menu and it's hard to keep the freezers stocked - must be the Argentine influence in our family.  With the exception of hamburgers, everything is grilled over wood coals - a semi-coarse kosher salt being the ONLY condiment!  Cooking a good "asado" (Argentine BBQ) is one of our favorite summer pastimes.
Maria and I both work full-time jobs off the farm (I'm a forester with Cornell Cooperative Extension and Maria teaches Spanish at the Watkins Glen Middle School).  We're blessed to have my parents - Jim and Rose Chedzoy - living next door in the little log home that they always dreamed of.  Both are a huge help with EVERYTHING! 

Christmas 2011 brought the perfect gift for any rancher - mild weather and late season grazing!  Thanks to a particularly mild fall and spring (and some planned grazing), we only had to feed hay for three months last winter.

Fortunately, bottle babies don't come along often on the farm, but they sure are cute when they do!




Don't cry for me, Argentina!  Our experience with raising Angus started in the mid-90's when we purchased a ranch in the Sierra Mountains of central Argentina.  Lovely black cattle soon followed.  Stay tuned for more news on ranching in the land of the Gaucho.