Bulls for Sale

Although most of the registerable bull calves are banded at an early age, we offer a limited number of prospective young "Grass-bred" bulls each year from our best registered cows.  
Contact us at any time to inquire what is currently available.  Terms are $2,000 with 50% due upon reservation, and 50% due upon pick up at farm. 
Delivery to be negotiated. 
2015 Cornell All Forage-fed Bull Test Graduates:
The following three bulls recently completed the third annual bull test at Cornell University (http://beefcattle.ansci.cornell.edu).  This standardized 140-day bull test was designed to evaluate the performance and characteristics of yearling bulls under "real world" conditions (just hay, water and minerals).  They are fully vaccinated per Cornell's stringent protocols, have undergone Breeding Soundness and Ultrasound exams, and have tested negative for BVD, Brucellosis and Tuberculosis.  They have also been vaccinated for pinkeye and are treated with fly tags.  Using the rule of thumb of 1-cow per month of age, these yearlings would be suitable for breeding approximately 15 females this summer, but could probably effectively breed more.  Each is a son of Falgun of Wye (photo and information on the "Herd Sire" page of this website), out of three of our best pure-bred Wye cows (pictures below).  They are tightly line-bred to Wye's best maternal genetics, and we expect these young pre-potent bulls to consistently sire offspring that will be:
  • Moderate in size, but fast growing with excellent feed efficiency
  • Docile.  Each of these three bulls and their parents have very docile temperaments - a Cardinal Rule for staying in the herd!  
  • Have excellent carcass quality, particularly in terms of inherent meat tenderness and marbling ability
  • Fertile, broody daughters with lots of bred-in calving ease, longevity and solid feet and udders
AGF Provost (AAA registration number: 18127968)
Provost's dam: Sipe Lottie Friars 1277 at 13 years of age
AGF Iver (AAA registration number: 18127971)
Iver's dam, Miss Sipe Lobella 1278
AGF Black Jack (AAA registration number: 18127967)
Black Jack's dam, Sipe Candice 2427