What was the Anaconda Plan?

    The Anaconda Plan was a plan that was made by the union army (north) during the civil war. The first part of this plan was to block all of the souths port so they couldn't trade any of their goods. In 1861 this plan was put into action by the unions Navy, and by the end of the year most of the ports were blocked. The confederacy asked Great Britian to break the blocks, but they said no.
    The seconds part of this plan was to divide the confederacy. They decided to do this by gaining control of the Mississipi river to New Orleans. They began this part of the plan in 1862. In april, the union's admiral David Farragut led 46 ships up the Mississippi river. The whole city of New Orleans surrendered due to being overwhelmed and not even one shot was fired. Later that year the uniun general Ulysses S. Grant won many battles and because of that all of Kentucky and most of Tennesse was put into the uniuns control. After this had happened another uniun general George McClellan sent 100,000 ships to capture richmond. The confederate forces were out numbered, but despite their luck they won.