We have some exciting news! USA researchers have joined forces with UK researchers to investigate birthing. We have created a US-UK First Time Mothers Birthing Survey. This survey will explore how recent technologically savvy (e.g. smartphones & internet)  childbearing women are preparing, experiencing, & recounting their births in US & UK hospitals or birth centers, we will look at birth satisfaction as well as their current emotional state. Military Hospital Births are welcomed. Ok to have other children. We will use two tools, the Birth Satisfaction Scale (BSS, Hollins-Martin, C. & Fleming, V., 2011) and the CES-D scale (Radford, 1977). So, if you experienced your 1st birth between 2008 - 2013, are 18 years old, speak English, and 6 weeks since last birth. Be part of the evidence. 
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Great Grandmother-Midwife Alice Ellis Green Lake, WA 1900 yearSusan's Great Grandmother Alice Ellis "Midwife" era 1900 Green Lake Seattle, WA                                           (Alice Ellis's ancestors include British Explorers) 
Go to the Alice Ellis Story to hear more about this amazing woman: 

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As researchers, we are dedicated to improving outcomes of moms and their babies for generations to come. 
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We respect childbearing women's choice of "where" & "how" to birth.  We support the use of doulas to augment the birthing experience whether in a hospital, birthing center or home.  

We are interested how technology can influence birth.  

We welcome comments from everyone involved in birthing. 

Please see published articles to the left; which reflect our recent research on childbirth in the US & UK

The Birth Satisfaction Scale, which we are using, was designed for hospital or birthing centers. There are future plans to conduct research with childbearing women who decide to birth at home. 

Susan Fleming, PhD RN Assistant Professor, Perinatal CNS  WSU College of Nursing, Spokane WA, USA 
Celestina Barbosa-Leiker PhD Psychometrician 
WSU College of Nursing, Spokane WA, USA
Caroline Hollins Martin, PhD Professor RN RM Midwife 
The University of Salford, Manchester, UK . 
Colin Martin, PhD Professor Psychologist 
Bucks New University, London, UK.
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