Goal and Mission Statement
Providing Resources, Opportunities, Justice, Education, Commitment, Teamwork for our global societies.  Educators and students working together to find real solutions rather than a band-aid effect on issues affecting our communties such as education, health care, voting (su voz), housing, social and political awareness, environmental issues and homelessness. 
  • Joe Michael Gonzales
  • Cecilia Maldonado-Alvizo
  • Galo Gutierrez, Jr.
  • Cynthia Rodriguez
  • Claudia Sanchez
  • Brandy Lopez
  • Cristella Diaz
  • Anthony Francis
  • Jesus Maldonado-Alvizo
  • Sebastian DeLuna
  • Christian Adam Gonzales
  • Ylisssa Isabella Gonzales
  • Dounia Izem
  • Arsahy Alvizo
  • Nick Rodriguez
  • Wendy Mendez