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2017 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Homosexuality and Same-Sex AttractionSpeaking the Truth in Love


Lady Gaga, Congenital Eunuchs, and Transgender Persons: Dealing Lovingly with Gender Dysphoria - Dr. Philip Brown


Keynote Speaker: Jerry Armelli

Lady Gaga, Congenital Eunuchs, and Transgender Persons: Dealing Lovingly with Gender Dysphoria - Dr. Philip Brown

A Biblical Framework for Evaluating the Morality of Sexual Desire - Dr. Philip Brown

2016 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: The Fate of the Unevangelized and Eternal Judgment: Implications for Teaching, Preaching and End-of-Life Counseling


        C.S. Lewis' Concept of Hell - Paul Stetler   

       Four Views on Hell: Review - Alan Walters

        The Problem of the Unevangelized - Dr. Mark Bird    

        Hell Under Fire: Review - Mark Stetler     

        Sermon/Teaching Materials

                Psalm 23 Funeral Sermon - Dr. Timothy Cooley
                What Does the Bible Teach about Hell: Sunday School Lesson Teacher Document and Handout - Dr. Philip Brown
                And In Hell - Dr. Timothy Cooley
                Cain and His Anger - Dr. Danny McCain
                Discipling New Converts: Hell - Nathan Brown 
                What the Bible Teaches on the Destiny of the Wicked - Dr. Philip Brown  

2015 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: No Other Gospel, Freedom in Christ: Paul's Letter to the Galatians


The Just Shall Live by Faith - Dr. Thomas McCall

Sermon Materials for Preaching Galatians

Chapters 1:1-5, 1:6-24 and 2 - Rev. Rodney Loper 
Chapters 3 and 4 - Rev. Chris Cravens
Chapters 5 and 6 - Dr. Michael Avery

2014 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Assessing Cultural Change: Mapping its Meaning, Direction, and Morality


2012 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Christ in the Old Testament: Seeing and Savoring the Messiah’s Glory


Christ in the Old Testament - Dr. Michael P. V. Barrett

Plenary Address 1 -- audio coming

Plenary Address 2 -- audio coming

Plenary Address 3 -- audio coming

Panel Presentation: The Aorist Tense and Entire Sanctification

Introduction to the Aorist Tense and Entire Sanctification: History, Developments, and Implications  - Dr. Philip Brown

Essay 5: The Use of Verbal Aspect in Greek Exegesis, by Roy Ciampa and Brian Rosner

2011 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: The Early Church's Understanding of Sanctification and its Contemporary Implications


Chris Bounds was invited by the Aldersgate Forum to share his research on the early church's understanding of sanctification and its contemporary implications. This paper seeks to (1) illuminate the various doctrines of Christian perfection as they are addressed by individual Fathers; (2)  identify common features found in each doctrine, pointing to a consensual, operative understanding of Christian perfection among them; and (3) argue that the Apostolic Fathers establish a foundation upon which an orthodox tradition of perfection will develop in Ante-Nicene Christianity.

In this essay, Philip Brown examines two aspects of the history of how 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 has been interpreted: (1) What did Paul mean when he said men should not be covered and women should be covered when praying or prophesying, and (2) What do Paul’s requirements regarding men’s and women’s hair mean.

Paper 2: Prayer and the Trinity - Dr. Mark Bird
Mark Bird develops a biblical theology of the role of each member of the Trinity in prayer and argues for the legitimacy of addressing all three persons of the Trinity in prayer.

In this paper, Philip Brown addresses two questions: (1) What does the phrase in v. 4 “having his head covered” (NASB; κατὰ κεφαλῆς ἔχων) mean? Does it, as Ben Witherington III and Preston Massey argue, necessarily to refer to a material head-covering?; and (2) Does Paul’s language support the conclusion that women are not to cut their hair at all, or does Paul only require women’s hair to be long and leave to our discretion whether to trim it or not?

Chris Bounds examines Irenaeus’ teaching on Christian perfection in its historical theological context and illuminates its primacy for him, as well as the second century Church.

From the introduction: In his initial forays into Pauline study in 394/395, Propositions from the Epistle to the Romans, Augustine interpreted Romans 7:14-25 as a human being “under the law, prior to grace.” In contrast, the Christian “under grace,” infused with the love of God, is victorious over sin and “ceases to sin.” …

2010 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Enriching Christ's Body with the Holiness Witness: Obstacles, Opportunities, Methods


Plenary Address 1: Flavoring the Stew - Dr. Keith Drury
Keith Drury was invited by the Aldersgate Forum to address respond to its "Call to the Conservative Holiness Movement" and identify ways in which the call can be implemented.

David Gordeuk was invited to share his perspective on the Forum's topic as a person who has lived and ministered both insider and outside of the CHM. His paper traces the history of the Pilgrim Holiness Church as a model for what gave birth to holiness witness in the world and what can again give it birth.

Bill Kostlevy, author of the Historical Dictionary of the Holiness Movement, addressed the Forum's topic from a historian's perspective, providing valuable insight and perspective.

Plenary Address 2: Holiness Hard Sell - Dr. Keith Drury
Keith Drury's paper addresses why entire sanctification is a hard sell in today's word and what to do about it.

2009 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Holiness Critical Issues: Divine Holiness, Entire Sanctification, Sin, and Assurance


Paper 1: Entire Sanctification and Sin - David Fry
David Fry's paper discusses the metaphysics of original sin (What is it?), entire sanctification and original sinfulness, and entire sanctification and actual sin. David is currently pursuing a PhD in theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Philip Brown's paper surveys a wide range of definitions of God's holiness and then proposes an alternative understanding. The second section of the paper explores what it means that God sanctifies Himself and how that relates to our sanctification of God.

Paper 3: Entire Sanctification and Assurance - Allan Brown
Allan Brown's paper addresses the biblical basis for assurance of entire sanctification. He argues that the believe can know that he is entirely sanctified through two means: biblical faith and measurable attitudes and actions that may be expected as the fruit of entire sanctification.
Philip Brown's paper addresses theological objections to entire sanctification by reformed theologians and then engages B. B. Warfield's exegesis of 1 Thessalonians 5:23. He demonstrates that a Wesleyan understanding of "entire sanctification" as attainable in this life is exegetically tenable and more likely than Warfield's exegesis.

Additional Materials

2008 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Divorce, Remarriage, and the Church: Understanding the Issues; Ministering to the People


This journal article published by David L. Snuth in Trinity Journal 11.2 (1990): 131-141, was read by Dr. Allan Brown at the Forum.The article was originally titled, "Divorce and Remarriage From the Early Church to John Wesley." Appended to the end of this article are the relevant quotations from John Wesley on the subject of divorce and remarriage.

Wally Thornton's paper surveys the positions on divorce and remarriage from after John Wesley to the present, including many of the permutations of the conservative holiness movement.

Formal Response to Paper 2 - Larry Smith
(electronic copy not currently available)
Dr. Philip Brown's paper identifies twenty mistakes to avoid when discussing the issue of divorce and remarriage. It also seeks to address two key questions regarding those who are divorced and remarried: 1) are such persons living in adultery, and 2) is it God's will that such persons separate from their second partner and return to their first partner where possible.

Formal Response to Paper 3 - Stephen Smith

and Working within your Tradition - Paul Wolfe, Mark Cravens, Mike Avery, Philip Brown
This paper, read by Dr. Philip Brown, was part of a panel discussion on the topic. It specifically addresses the issues of church membership and church leadership with regard to divorced and remarried persons.

Additional Materials

2007 Aldersgate Forum and Church Planting Seminar

Topics: Church Membership and Church Planting

Papers and Presentations

Presentation 1: The Call to the Conservative Holiness Movement -- Larry Smith
A call to the Conservative Holiness Movement by the President of GBS and the Ministerial Faculty for the full and vigorous recovery of our heritage as Christians of Wesleyan conviction. The call appeals to our entire movement to unite with us joyfully in this commitment, pledging uncompromising faithfulness to God’s word and to creative relevance in our ministry.

Dr. Philip Brown first argues that understanding how levels of importance in truth, categories of interpretive consensus, and soul liberty interrelate is indispensable for relating properly to those outside our theological tradition. Second, the paper applies these concepts to church membership, arguing that the criteria for church membership and church leadership must be distinct and that the focus of church membership is discipleship not governance.

Formal Response 1 - Theological-Academic Perspective -- Rev. William Snider
(electronic copy not currently available)
Formal Response 2 - Pastoral-Ministry Perspective -- Rev. Chris Cravens

Dr. Allan Brown defines the biblical terms "elder" and "deacon," and then identifies the biblical qualifications for these leadership positions within the church. The paper's thesis is He concludes with two appendices that address the requirements that elders' children be "believing" and that an elder be a "one woman man."

Church Planting Seminar by Dr. Bruce McAllister  (6 Sessions)

Dr. McAllister provided an entire notebook of material on Church Planting. His sessions were excellent, informative, and practical. The notebook can be obtained by contacting Dr. McAllister's office at Bob Jones University (864.242.5100, Ext. 2850). BJU also has a web page with church planting resources that is maintained by Dr. McAllister.

Handout 1: The Challenge of Church Planting
Handout 2: What Growing Fundamental Churches are Doing
Handout 3: Example of Church Mission and Vision Statement
Handout 4: Selected Bibliography on Church Planting

2005 Aldersgate Forum

Topic: Rediscovering our Message: Holiness of Heart and Life in the 21st Century

Papers and Presentations

Dr. John N. Oswalt, from Wesley Biblical Seminary, was the primary speaker for this Forum. His expertise in Old Testament studies and his passion for biblical holiness were admirably evident in his presentations. The above file contains all the slides from Dr. Oswalt's presentations.

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