About Us


Deeply concerned for both the heritage and the future of the conservative holiness movement of which we are so gladly a part, the administration and Bible faculty of God’s Bible School and College join in this call for the establishment of the Aldersgate Forum. Convinced that God calls us to uncompromising faithfulness to His word on one hand and to creative relevance to our culture on the other, we envision the Aldersgate Forum as a means to confront the issues which threaten or challenge us with vigor and with honesty, to reaffirm our historic commitment to holiness of heart and life, and to make us better informed and more effective witnesses for Jesus.

Our Mission

The Aldersgate Forum exists as a yearly conference and continuing fellowship to promote informed dialogue and scholarly analysis of the vital theological and practical issues confronting us as Christians and as members of the conservative holiness movement, and as a consequence, to foster renewed commitment to loving God and others, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, aggressive evangelism, consistent discipleship, intellectual growth, and holy living.

Vision Statement

The Aldersgate Forum seeks to enlighten servants of God in areas that are crucial and relevant to the church at large and to the conservative holiness movement in particular thereby fostering a greater commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and evangelism.



The Aldersgate forum is unalterably committed to the absolute authority, centrality, inerrancy, infallibility, primacy, and sufficiency of God’s inspired word. We believe that Scripture is by far the single most important source that informs and shapes the views we must hold as Christians in this present world. All issues addressed in the Aldersgate Forum will, therefore, be examined first in the light of God’s word, and then by the witness of history as well as the logic and practicality of their application in our lives and congregations. The Aldersgate Forum will advance its purpose with profound esteem for our heritage as Wesleyans, candid interaction with and fraternal respect for one another, and concerned commitment to our mission in contemporary culture.


Forum Organization

The Aldersgate Forum is a ministry of God’s Bible School and College and will be organized and directed by its Administration and Bible faculty. Our purpose is to hold a brief, yearly conference for the presentation of scholarly presentations, informed responses, and general discussions. Speakers with scholarly training and valuable insight in areas relevant to the Forum’s mission, who are not members of the Forum, may be invited to give special lectures during the Forum.

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