Dancing Days Are Always Here

 On the 23rd of January 2008 we here, at the albionchronicles websites recieved a truly remarkable e-mail from someone named Andy Carter, who resides in Birmingham, UK, within the body of the e-mail were nine historical photographs of the then line up of The Albion Dance Band. We could do worse than to reprint the entire e-mail as received fom Andy and it serves as an introduction to one of Ashley Hutchings' most exciting Albion projects, so here we go. 
Hi Sam & Lizzie
Have attached nine of the best. Feel free to use them on your site(s) if you wish.
I took the photos so I own the copyright and you won't be clapped in irons and transported to Van Diemens Land in true folk tradition for putting them up. It will be good for others to see them. They were taken at King Alfred's College, Winchester in about 1974.
Having looked at your tripod sites it occurred to me that you don't have an image of the genuine 'original' album cover of 'No Roses'. The original was a typical 70s gate fold and I still have mine so..... guessing that you don't mind risking the transportation bit I'll scan it for you. I can also scan another that you might be interested in, 'History of Fairport Convention', another gate fold which has on one cover dedicated to a drawing of the Fairport family tree. The only oddity is that Ashley's participation in founding Steeleye Span is not included which is a shame as 'Hark The Village Wait' is the best album Steeleye produced and Gay Woods had a much better voice than Maddy Prior though they did produce good harmonies together (personal opinion).
All the best & keep up the good work!
Andy Carter
PS can't name Eddie's assistant (She and Eddie demonstrated all the dances to us) Any Ideas?
We want to send out massive thanks to Andy for sending us these treasured pictures and thank him for granting us permission to reproduce them here, on our Albion Bands Myspace space  and, very soon, to be seen on our Ashley Hutchings Illustrated website. By the way was there anyone out there at this King Alfred's College, Winchester gig, that can supply us with the name of caller, Eddie Upton's assistant? Send e-mail to us, here at
the.albion.dance.band@gmail.com if you can, and many, many thanks in advance. If you look just below this text you'll see the first of the aforementioned photographs.

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