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The Agile Buddy Guide
Organizations undergoing agile transformation often struggle to communicate change. Employees wonder if these new ways of working really apply to them. It's easy for people who have been in a place for years to view established practices as "common sense". Some expect "agility" to happen around them. The basic tenets of a collaborative way of working are not immediately understood. Unless the sponsorship for deep and pervasive change is made clear, organizational gravity will ensure that a transformational effort is unlikely to gain traction.

One thing an organization can do to make new practices clearer, and to communicate high-level sponsorship for change, is to give people a brief guide which they can refer to. This shows that the organization is committed to achieving greater agility, and cares enough about its employees and associates to have produced a handy guide to help them along the journey.

This is where The Agile Buddy Guide comes in. The general elements of agile practice are laid out in a clear format*. It can be printed out in A4 or A5 size, and spiral or comb bound to lie flat on people's desks.

The guide is designed to satisfy the following acceptance criteria:

Given people need a clear way of working
When they join an agile team
Then they should have a useful little book to help them

The Agile Buddy Guide is configurable, a starting-point for communicating the agile way of working your organization has decided to sponsor. As such it may be downloaded and edited as you see fit. As a minimum, you should replace the place-holder signatures on the cover page with those of your actual transformation rollout team members, including the sponsor.

This guide has been produced by Ian Mitchell as a freely available public domain resource. The guide is in MS Word format and is approximately 2.5 Mb in size, and around 17 pages in length.

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*The companion video presentation, Scrum in an Hour, may also be of use.