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i was born and raised in southwestern new york state in a town you've probably never heard of, just outside another town you've probably never heard of. it's beautiful there in the winter. i grew up interested in becoming an illustrator until senior year of high school when i took a physics class. i found out i really enjoyed it and decided to pursue a career in science instead. this was probably a wise financial choice.  

i spent my first two years after graduation at jamestown community college where i was fortunate to meet and come under the tutelage of marie plumb in the physics department. i spent a lot of time in the three stark rooms there, setting up class labs and tutoring students.

from there, i transferred to the university of north carolina at chapel hill, where i immediately began doing research under sean washburn in the area of nanotechnology. i eventually recieved both my bs and phd there, but more importantly, that is also where i met my wife, amanda. we were married in 2005.

after matriculating from carolina in 2007, i accepted a position as a postdoctoral fellow at the delft university of technology in the netherlands. there, i worked in the group of cees dekker on single-molecule biophysics and lived in a pleasant little apartment with a view of a fifteenth century church out the front and a canal side patio on the back. we had a great adventure there.

in august of 2010, i accepted a position back in north carolina as an assistant professor of nanoscience at the joint school of nanoscience and nanoengineering in greensboro. here, i am taking on my own research directions while living in a refurbished 19th century mill house a stone's throw from the river. we have a front porch, a garden, and an adopted outdoor cat.

i am very lucky.