About us: All Roof Repairs and thermal-acoustic insulation.

Hands-On Handyman cc is a quality Johannesburg based company with over fifteen years of  hands-on experience in both residential renovations and specialized frame-works, both in metal and wood. We offer two main areas of services to our clients who are most often home owners in need of roof repair and renovations or sound proofing and insulation. "While living and working in the Europe Union, I got exposed to the large amount of structural carpentry, insulation and renovation techniques used there. Being for 20 years an active amateur musician, I have combined my passions, skills and interests into "The Carpenters" and its core services."

We fix all types of big and small problems on roofs that have a wooden  frame work of trusses and rafters. We deal with tiled and metal roofs, repairing the roofs or building the frame work from scratch. Most often we deal with issues relating to waterproofing and replacing of rotten timbers.

  • Roof framework repairs
  • Water proofing
  • Re-sheeting, tiling and painting
  • Patios, carports and other roofing extensions
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic absorbtion
  • Painting of tiles and sheeting

Sound proofing and noise reduction.

We deal with the primary building issues relating to sound proofing and the path that sound takes from source to receiver.  Using these building techniques we introduce frameworks, barriers and plate panels to disrupt the direct attack and speed of sound. The two main areas of services that we offer could be grouped into:-containing sound in a room and  preventing sound from entering a room.

  • Sound proofing and sound barriers
  • Observation windows
  • Therma acoustic insulation and absorption
  • Garage conversion, room-in-a-room and partitioning
  • DIY kits
  • HVAC systems
General building and second fit projects 

This company originally stared off as a handyman outfit (Hands-On Handyman cc) dealing with all types of repairs, installations and renovations. We have completed hundreds of small to medium repairs and renovations to residential and commercial properties and have almost 20 years experience in a wide range of building finishings. It is important to understand that while we are in the building industry, we do not specialised in brick and mortar, we are the guys that do all the other stuff and this is known as "second fit".  However our main speciality has been structural carpentry, roofing, insulation and renovation. It must also be said that we do undertake small to medium brick and mortar, plastering and rhinolite building projects with total success.

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