Thermal-Acoustic Carpentry: Noise Control, Sound Proofing And Thermal Insulation.

We build and modify existing structures, with the purpose of altering the effect of sound travel and noise pollution. Techniques when attempting to prevent sound from entering or leaving a room. 
On-going awareness and testing of sound energy and how it impinges on the surrounding environment and more specifically on building materials. Tests performed by different Hi-Tech labs in USA, England, Japan, Germany have measured and tested and drawn similar conclusions, and it is these conclusions that we work with and bring to you in a sound proofing solution. So building up low frequency defensive paneling and framework, converting sound wave energy into heat energy is what we do.
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Through understanding your needs we can create a sound proofing solution.
Sound insulation:- prevent sound from entering a room or building.
- Living near a busy road or next to noisy neighbours?
Sound proofing:- prevent sound from escaping a room or a building.
- Do you have a generator or pool pump?
- Do you have a DIY workshop?
- Do you have a band room or editing suite.
- Or do you just like quietness and tranquility in your space.
Club and restaurant owners.
- Do you get complaints from neighbours regarding your sound system?
  some simple and almost obvious renovations will keep the complaints to a minimum.
 Garage conversions.
Being a building and carpentry company, we are well equipped to offer our clients the full sound proofing solution, or according to their budget.
Able to recommend a course of action.
Absorbers : We can make up effective panels, plates and columns-  sound absorbers for your rooms, garage, workshop , on the surface or within your buildings structure xxx - absorber is various material absorbing sound waves in and convert the sound energy into heat. Effective absorbers per meter squared. Absorbers also slow down the speed at which a sound wave is travelling.
Diffusers : We can build up hanging and wall mounted diffusers on request. Break up the full force of a sound wave, so that the sound wave bounces back at an uneven rate. Yip, that's what we can do for you.
Room in a room.
Observation and labs.