One day while exploring the wide lands of Reddit, one might stumble upon Reddit: Free Games, or other subreddits that have been "spammed" with requests to play a game. After further research, they discover an 8-Bit MMORPG called Aberoth. Any WoW players out there will get where the name is from, but Aberoth is pretty much every MMO crumpled into one little pixelated square on the internet. 

This is I, Salmon, the creator of this site. I decided to waste too much of my life making this site to help my fellow players and expand noobs' knowledge of this mysterious game. The only problem is, I don't know what to write to fill up this random space ot make it less awkward. I'll throw in a random quote from the reddit.

"You can see it in him"

Hmmm... yes... I CAN see that by the look of his extremely pixelated body. Nice job, ace! ~Mail

"Akrabu can't quit his life is sleep eat and aberoth... Oh yeah sleeping optional for him"~Thunder

"Isn't avoiding Akrabu our priority?" ~Nobody

"i got me and thunder even tho ur mean to me ill return u will find in lost and found"~Hate