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Get A FREE BMW With LIMU'S Ultimate Auto Program!!


LIMU’s Ultimate Auto Program
Makes Driving A Limu BMW A Reality!

Limu BMW | Limu reviewed


The LIMU Ultimate Auto Bonus is simple: Members who reach and maintain a Paid As rank of 20K under the Prosperity Plan are eligible for a $600 monthly bonus to be used for the purchase or lease of a black BMW. And, if you don’t want a new car just yet, qualified LIMU Members have the option of taking a lesser Ultimate Cash Bonus of $300 per month.


                                                          THE BEST OF OUR BEST 
             LIMU 500 CLUB


You have the opportunity to be one of the first to join the LIMU 500 Club. What is it?

It’s an exclusive group for the first 500 Members who qualify for the LIMU Ultimate Auto Program! It’s part of our mission to assure that you, too, live a better lifestyle than you ever have before.

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Custom designed, LIMU branded 
designer watches for him and her
Leather Travel Bag
Driving Glasses
Driving Hat
Leather-bound Journal
LIMU Pedova Pen
Travel Mug

limu car program rules limu car program agreement instructions for your LIMU 500 watch