Can any five college student join?
>> Yes. We race under Amherst colors but we have sailors from all five colleges.
I've never sailed before. Can I still join the team?
>> Yes, any five college student is welcome to join. We will teach anyone interested in learning. As we are a club team, new sailors also have the opportunity to race.
How do I join?
>> Add your name to the email list. The listserv link is on the contact us page. Meeting times will be announced via email. Or show up for practices.
When do you practice?
>> We meet at 2:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on our respective campuses and carpool to the lake. We sail until sundown.
Do I need to bring any gear?
>> The team provides lifejackets, gloves, boots and drysuits. Sailors are encouraged to bring personal gear if they own it. In early fall and late spring, bathing suits, towels and sunglasses are suggested. In late fall and early spring, warm layers, cozy hats and an extra change of clothes are recommended.
What's the deal with regattas?
>> Competitions are held every weekend all over New England. All are welcome to participate. Let the coach or captain know if you are interested. More information can be found here.
If you have more questions, please email us at sailing@amherst.edu. (not checked regularly, sorry!)