The Constitution of the Sailing Team
As of September 28, 2009


Article I. (Mission Statement)

Section I. The mission of the Sailing Team is to educate students about the sport of sailing, to encourage students to participate in sailing, and to teach racing techniques and tactics. The joint team will promote cross campus participation and teamwork while competing within the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA)

Section II. The Sailing Team is affiliated with the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA) under the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association (ICSA).


Article II. (Conduct Policies)
Section I.
a) The team shall comply with Mount Holyoke College and Amherst College policies, the MHC Honor code and the Amherst Code of Conduct.
b) The team shall adhere to all local and state laws.


Article III. (Team Rules/Regulations)
Section I. Membership requirements are as follows:
a) All Five College students are welcome to join the team. All members will compete under the MHC/Amherst joint team and will sail under Amherst colors.
b) Members who participate in regattas must comply with regatta rules and regulations.
c) Membership is contingent on attendance of thrice-weekly practices held during the sailing season and of general meetings.

Section II. Membership privileges are as follows:
a) The Sailing Team will pay for all regatta expenses.
b) Members will receive training/guidance in many areas, including:
     1. water safety
     2. boat maintenance
     3. sailing tactics
     4. racing

Section III. The Club will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

Section IV. Safety Followed at Practices
a.) All Sailors must pass a swim test before being allowed offshore.

b.) Two of the sailors at each practice must be adequately trained as first-responders to medical emergencies.


Article IV. Officers- The team will have officers elected yearly by sailors who have been part of the team for at least one semester. Team Leadership Positions (elected by full team) will include: Captain, Treasurer, Secretary. School Leadership Positions (elected by each school’s members) will include: Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, Fundraising Director and Website Administrator.

Section I. Team Officers


a) Five College Captain: helps coach with scheduling and personnel decisions.  Team leader.  Acting coach when coach is not available. Primary contact between coach and team.

Qualifications: The Captain must have had at least 2 semesters of membership with the team and be a matriculated student at their own institution. He/she must have sailing experience and compete in regattas.


b) Five College Treasurer: Handles overall budget issues of team.  Help Should probably be treasurer for his or her school as well.  Collects team dues and expense receipts.  This is probably the busiest leadership position.  Responsible for all funding submissions to the Five Colleges. Works with school treasurers and coach to outline future budgets and manage expenses (boat repairs, dues/fees, regattas, equipment).

Qualifications: The Treasurer must have had at least 2 semesters of membership with the team and be a matriculated student at their own institution. He/she should have a firm understanding of money and budgets and should be organized.


c) Five College Secretary: Takes minutes at all meetings.  Handles all official team communication.  Supervises newsletter production.  Communicates with alumni coordinator regarding fund raising issues.

Qualifications: The Secretary must have had at least 2 semesters of membership with the team and be a matriculated student at their own institution. He/she must be able to maintain a strong level of communication within the team.



Section II. School Officers

a) Captain: Serves as primary group contact. Meets with coach and other team leaders. Chairs school meetings. Serves as a liaison between the Team and School. Turns in all necessary sports waives and arranges medical clearances. Recruits members.
Qualifications: The Captain must have had at least 2 semesters of membership with the team and be a matriculated student at their own institution. He/she must have sailing experience and compete in regattas.

b) Treasurer: Keeps track of school’s budget. Submits monthly report to Team Treasurer and coach. May assist Team Treasurer in collecting receipts and refunding sailors as necessary. Complies with SGA/SGO regulations on book keeping, audits and funding request forms. Pays fees/dues as determined by school budgeting.
Qualifications: The treasurer is expected to meet all SGA and SGO requirements and be able to present the team’s financial standing to the members. Should have an understanding of budgets and money. Must have been a member of the team for at least one semester. The treasurer must be a matriculated student at their institution.

c) Secretary: May be the Captain. Record all meeting minutes and send them to the team via the listserv. Head of communication between the Captain and the team members

Qualifications: The Secretary must have working knowledge of sailing and must have been a member of the team for at least one semester. Must be matriculated students at their institution.


d) Fundraising Director: Research fundraising possibilities and lead the team in raising money. Contact alums through research in the college archives and with assistance from the Alumnae Association to ask for financial contributions. Host fundraising events – sales, service events, “Be a Sailor for the Day,” etc.
Qualifications: The Fundraiser must be a matriculated student at their institution, and should be dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the full team.


e) Website Administrator: May be done by a leader on the team. Responsible for updating school website as needed. Maintain online communication with alumni and recruits.

Qualifications: The WebAdmin must be a matriculated student at their institution and should have an understanding of the school’s tech programs. The technology used is not too difficult to learn or self-teach.


Article V. Staff Support
Section I. Advisor
a) Each school will have an official advisor.
b) He/She advises group, and follows responsibilities stated in Club Sports handbooks.

Section II. Coach
a) The Coach must have sailing experience
b) The Coach must be a staff or faculty member, or member of the local community. The Coach may not be a fellow student.
c) The Coach must have ability to instruct on water and at certain practices

d) The Coach will be paid as pre-determined by the agreements made between the school, treasurers and Coach.

Article VI. Election and Removal of Officers
Section I. Elections will be held every year in late April. Each institution will hold elections for their School Leaders. The Coach will hold a team-wide meeting to elect Team Leaders. May be done via email if absolutely necessary.

Section II. Election Process:
a) All candidates must be nominated by a member of the club, or may nominate themselves.
b) Candidates must make speeches at the election meeting to inform members of their qualifications and reasons for running.
c) Candidates are elected through a majority vote. If a candidate for a certain position does not win she may run for a different office at the time, if nominated.
d) Only members who have been active for an entire academic semester will be allowed to vote.
e) Votes will be taken via a secret ballot and counted by the departing members of the team or by the coach.

Section III. Procedure for removal of officers is as follows:
a) The removal of an executive board member from office is brought to the organization by board consensus (excluding the member in question.) The member will be asked to withdraw from the executive board of there is a 2/3 organization majority in favor thereof. The member has the opportunity to present his/her case to the organization at large prior to the vote.


Article VII. Meetings
Section I. Frequency of regular meetings
a) Regular meetings will occur bimonthly
b) Regular Executive board meetings will occur monthly
c) Regular team practice will be held in which members should attend the three weekly practice days and at least one weekend regatta for the semester.

Section II. Provisions for Special Meetings
Special Meetings will be held for the removal of officers and arranged by the President or member of the Executive Board when an active member presents a compelling case for one. The Coach or any Captains may arrange team meetings, to be attended if at all possible (with the understanding that sailors may have class during these unscheduled times).


Article IX. Amendments and bylaws

Section I. Provision for amendments and bylaws
An amendment or by law may be presented by any member of the Club and requires a 2/3 majority vote.

Article X Outline of any standing committees

Section I. Special Events
If the organization decides to sponsor a regatta or special event the executive board shall establish a committee.

Article XI. Outline of Responsibility and Liability

Section I. Frequency of regular meetings

a) Liability for safety of club members- All students will be asked to perform a basic swim test when attending first practice, and will be certified that they are competent by a certified lifeguard who will maintain roster with swim test results from the team. All students will sign liability forms provided by their home institutions (club sport liability waivers) which will acknowledge that each member is taking responsibility for engaging in the sport and will not leave the town of Belchertown or other sailing site, or the Colleges liable for any injury received related to sailing.

b) Liability in regards to equipment- Amherst currently owns 6 FJs and Mount Holyoke owns 4.  Boats and equipment purchased by each institution will be cared for by each school. Each institution is able to reserve the right of denying the other schools access to their equipment if they feel the need to do so. All team members are responsible for paying semester dues which will go to making any repairs. Equipment and expenses are shared by the schools based upon the proportion of each school’s sailors from the whole team.

c) Sharing of funds- Each school’s budget will contribute 50% of dues money for NEISA membership, Lake Use, and travel expenses to regattas each semester.

d) MHC boats will be stored with Amherst College boats at their boat shed. There will be no storage fee for this privilege.


Article XII. Disbanding of club or withdrawal to become a separate team

Section I. Disbanding the joint team

a) If one school should find that it would like to return to being sole member of NEISA it will have to give notice a year before filing with NEISA as such- and all equipment bought by each school will remain –property of that institution. Before disbandment of the joint team it is the responsibility of the team withdrawing to pay the share of dues that it owes to NEISA and other institutions.