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September 2019 


Dear Families of P.S. 94Q, 

Welcome to an exciting new school year for our budding Scientists!  It is an honor to introduce myself as your child’s Science teacher this year.  Many wonderful lessons, experiments, trips, projects and events are already being planned for your children; and, our success with each child depends largely on the support they receive as we partner together.  So, thank you, in advance, for all that you do in effort to help each child reach their fullest potential! 

Looking ahead to when we will meet the families of our students on Open School NightThursday, September 12th, we will have an opportunity to discuss this year’s Amplify Science Curriculum across the grades, as well as ways we can continue to partner together to support your children.      

For ongoing news and updates, by grade, within our Science program, please feel free to periodically check this homepage link, through P.S. 94’s website.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly by either calling the school’s Main office, or sending a note to my attention, with your child, so that I can respond as soon as possible. 

I look forward to meeting each of you and working with your child this year!


                                                                                                                              Heidi Bateman, Science Teacher

Welcome to our Science Page!  
Please use this site as a resource for periodically checking for updates and happenings within our Science Program, by grade.


FYI - Future State Science Testing Calendar:
Current School-year - Spring 2020:  Grade 4 takes the Current Exam for Science (aligned to the 1996 standards)
June of 2021:  No State Science Exam for Grade 4, only for Grade 8
June of 2022:  First year that Grade 5 will take the new test (aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards)  *These are our current 3rd Graders in 2019-20.

**Materials for in-class investigations that can be donated by families can also be returned upon request (if they are non-consumable).  We will adjust experiments, based upon what is available.  Thank you in advance for checking at home to see what you may already have laying around, that might be useful to us at school!  
Please check with Mrs. Bateman for more information on how you can support us through the donation of materials :).

What are some topics we will be exploring this year in 

Needs of Plants & Animals
Pushes & Pulls
Sunlight & Weather

What are some topics we will be exploring this year in 

Animal & Plant Defenses
Light & Sound
Spinning Earth

What are some topics we will be exploring this year in 


Plant & Animal Relationships
Properties of Materials
Changing Landforms


What are some topics we will be exploring this year in 

Balancing Forces
Inheritance and Traits
Weather & Climate
Environments and Survival

What are some topics we will be exploring this year in 

Energy Conversions
Vision & Light
Waves, Energy & Information
Earth's Features
In our first Energy Conversions unit, our Fourth Grade Scientists will try to determine why the town of Ergstown (fictitious place) keeps having so many blackouts.  First, however, we need to understand what an Electrical System is.  We'll began our study by setting up simple electrical systems using Solar energy as a source for getting a fan to spin, hooked up to a motor, using wires.  Then, we will explore ways to get the fan to spin more quickly or slowly, clockwise or counter-clockwise.  Finally, we'll "play" with some of the Amplify unit apps through an Energy Conversion simulation.  

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

What are some topics we will be exploring this year in 

Patterns of Earth & Sky
Modeling Matter
The Earth System
Ecosystem Restoration

Before we launch into our first Amplify Science Unit, our Fifth Graders will spend the first month of school preparing for an  Assembly to get us all excited about Conserving Energy and Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. 

Phase 1:  Each class has been given two days to prepare a TWO-minute demonstration of any of the seven areas they would like to be considered as part of for the Planning of Our Assembly!  Ask your child about the seven areas we discussed, so that they can show you a demonstration of their work-- not a project, just a snapshot of an area they feel strongest in!

Areas to Consider:
Video Editing
Lyrical Writing
Script Writing
Skit Performance
Public Speaking

Also...coming up at the end of the year...


Ø  Collaborative S.T.E.M. Project:  Designing a Landing Module and parachute out of Recyclable goods?

How does a parachute affect the force rate of a falling object?

Our Fifth Graders are also our school's leaders in the City's "Energy Challenge" and "Zero Waste by 2030" Initiative!

They will:
*Create usable goods out of Recyclable materials

*Perform skits and presentations to educate the public on any of the topics:  Reducing wasted energy/resources, Recycling, Reusing, Landfills and Composting

*Design Posters to rally others in the campaign for a Greener Earth

*Perform a song with original lyrics to promote Sustainability

Enjoy last year's Video-- put together by our former Fifth Graders (now SIXTH Graders :):

YouTube Video