Researched, sewn, and many accessories made by me. 

1. 1858. Plaid fabric documented to extant garment worn in Santa Barbara, collection of SB Historical Society.

2. 1895 Bicycling. Taxidermied my duck wings, made the spats too. Convertible skirt/trowsers.

3. Renaissance Faire 2006. Remodeled garment made by friend. 

4. Fair at New Boston (Ohio), 2004. Friends from the History Forum formerly on Compuserve. I wear 'bedgown' ca 1790. 

5. Civil War Ferrotype c 1996. Besides making the costume I made hatpin and the tiny little pincushion basket on my necklace.

6. Ca 1993, winter 1890s flocked velvet skirt, collar, cuffs. Flocked velvet, "velours frappé," was available in the 1890s.


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