1989 Ford Bronco XLT

     This is a Fun 1989 Ford Bronco XLT, I had it for only a short period of time before the engine blew out a few piston rings, but non the less it was a great MPV. During my ownership of the Bronco I added/upgraded the normal stuff. i.e. Door speakers by Rockford Fosgate, Subwoofer and Sub amp by Pioneer, and I bought a stereo unit off a friend for cheap also made by Pioneer. I also did some other cheap updates to the ignition system like a MSD ignition coil, cap, rotor, Spark plug wires, and proper Motorcraft spark plugs. I didn't really do anything that hopped up the Bronco It was a great platform for a young, wanna-be shade tree mechanic to learn on.
     I bought the Bronco not really understanding all the problems it had (no joke bought it in the dark 2 hours away from my house) and a few of those problems bit me in the butt. Such as the transfer case was bad and I found out it was busted during a snow storm. The process of buying a t-case and installing it taught me alot about Ford Trucks and how much Ford Trucks have in common with Fox Body Mustangs.
   Another great thing about owning the Bronco when I did is that the paint only had a light layer of oxidation on the surface. So I got to learn a thing or two about car using compounds to make vehicles look better. This knowledge later allowed me to detail other vehicles for other people and get payed for it. Had the 302 not of blown on me I would still own the Bronco but when the engine did go money was tight (as for every car guy) and I needed a set of wheels.