1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham

    For as much of a Ford fan I am you think that owning a GM car would be a sin to me. And in most ways it is, but I bought this car for $500 and it ran. This was the car that was only going to be in my life for a short span of time till I could afford another Bronco. Well, that went according to plan.... NOT. Here it is 3 years later and its still in the driveway and its my daily driver. This car has also received more mods then planned too. Things like a new Carb,
Upgraded Transmission with Shift kit,
and some other fun extras.
I'd post some of the things I have been busy changing on the car but this Cutlass has become a car that isn't done being added to yet. So keep your eyes on my twitter page. As spring hits things will sure be added and removed from this G Body.

Aug 2017 Sold and Gone. The Cutlass was tons of Fun to drive work on and modify but it was killing my pocket book to keep this thing running and drive-able. I do plan on owning another carb'd vehicle in my future but it wont be a GM.

Just Wanted to post up a completelist of Up-grades/After-Market Parts the Cutlass had when I sold it.

~ This car started life with a 260ci Oldsmobile engine that was changed late in its life with Rocket 350.
~ Shortly after buying the car the Quadrajet crapped out and I switched it out with a Edelbrock 4bbl 1406.
~ To get the carb on the intake I used the quadrajet to spread-bore adapter (3/4" tall) and even then the throttle link was hitting the EGR block off plate so I added a 1" Ported spacer and that worked out perfect!
~ With the new carb on the car I went out to the high way to do a pull and with the car running good I busted the stock transmission that was designed for the smaller Olds 260 engine. Now bolted behind the Rocket 350 and with a carb setup that added some torque to the engine it blew out the clutch packs in between each gear. So in went a TH350 with a stage 2 shift kit with an adjustable vacuum module to hold the gears longer and shift quick.
~ The stock turn-signal bulbs were switch out for some amazon.com brand Switchback LED 1157 bulb that people really liked and updated the car a bit.
~ Cruise-Control Delete
~ A/M Cup-holders (Wal-Mart)
~ LED engine bay light switched on with the old cruise control switch. (Wal-Mart)
~  SunPro 2.5" White Tach mounted on steering column (Amazon.com)
~ MSD Spark-plug wires (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ Mr. Gasket 1.25" air fiter (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ Painted Drive-line Rust-Oleum Hammered Brown
~ Painted Rear Drums Black (Paint was 2000°F BBQ Paint)
~ Fail-Safe Thermostat 195°F (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ Demented smiley-face Tire Stem Valve Caps (AutoZone)
~ LED Reverse Lights (Amazon.com)
~ Custom Cut Trunk Capet (Wal-Mart)
~ Cap'd off Charcoal Canister
~ New Brake Booster (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ New Master Cylinder (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ Anti-Theft Trunk Latch (Custom 302~Garage Weld-in Part)
~ Steering-Wheel Cover to replace factory cover (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ Clear Headlights by AZON (O'reilly Auto Parts)
~ Power fan Spray Winshile sprayer Nozzles (amazon.com)
~ Kenwood Single DIN Stereo Deck (Been in the family for a while)
~ RockVille 400watt Sub (Amazon.com)
~ MSD Cap and Rotor Kit
~ New Monroe Front Shocks
~ Monroe Max Air Rear Shocks
~ AC Delco Copper Spark Plugs (.055 gap)