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2013 Ford Focus 5-door Hatch

2013 Ford Focus 5-door Hatch Titanium package demo
     I just had the opportunity to drive a really neat car; The Ford Focus 5-door Hatch Titanium package. I really wanted to drive a ST but Joe Hall didn't have one on the lot... no biggie. Let me first start by saying that my daily driver is a 99' Expedition (the family SUV) and so the Focus is a very different animal. With that's said, what I'm going to talk about is what I felt and saw in/about the car. I don't have anything to compare it to so this is just my thoughts about the car.
      At first I was slightly overwhelmed by all the technology packed into such a little car. Some buttons that I'm use to seeing in one spot were moved to another and the key wasn't really a key. But that's a modern advancement to the “all in one” fob used widely by almost every auto maker. “Push to start” was tucked behind the left toggle and just sitting in my seat you couldn't see it. I guess that's so it cant be hit easily. The climate controls are different then expected and the SYNC® with MyFord system is odd at first but you become custom to it quickly. Side note: I personally would have to sit in my driveway for a day just to go over the whole car. (But that's all cars these days so that's not a problem.)
     After getting my mirrors adjusted I was ready to feel the driving experience. I'm lucky to live in a area that has a curvy road much like what Motor Trend uses. This let me really get to know the car. Just driving away from the dealer I could feel how responsive the car is and that put a smile on my face. Steering was perfectly matched with my input as was the gas peddle. The brakes are a little touchy at first but you get use to them after a while. The 2.0 liter had no problem pulling the hill which makes it a contender in the north west part of the States. Side Note: I have to say, 2.0L engines sure have come a long way. But then again the last 2.0 liter I knew was in a '86 Ranger; I guess its all about application.
     For me, the seats fit very well but aren't great for a larger person, (btw, I'm 5' 10” and I have a 30” waist... so ya.) My real problem was with the rear view mirror, it got in the way ccconnstanttllyy when I was going around the banked right turns looking up the road. I blame this on my height however; had the car been mine during the demo, I would of removed the mirror right then. The car felt planted and I just knew that It wasn't going to surprise me with anything out of the blue. I felt sorry for the engine cause I'm use to the low revs doing the work so climbing the hillside it didn't like being forced to make power without revving up. My bad...
      Going from a Truck/SUV driver to this hatch was like going from a car to a go kart. The Focus Hatch is great, plenty of room while being small and loveable. I would recommend this car to anyone wanting something fun and economical to drive. I loved going out and testing this fun hatch and would like to thank the Product reps on Twitter's Ford-Lincoln Service (@FordService). And also thank Mr. Gregg for being the sales man to assist me. I don't know what car I would love to demo next.. Mustang?
Car Demo'd:

<- This picture look'd better on my camera. My apologies but is the only one I've got of this friken awesome Hot hatch.