Road map to the 300 mpg production passenger car.

Before I can convince you that I can build the 300 mpg production passenger car, I need to show you why today's Cars get the mileage they do. 

To this end I will layout what drives the current requirements in automotive engine design.  Despite what the world might believe it is not the government or some secret conspiracy, but the drivers them selves that control what manufactures build. 

What is it that consumers demand that controls how today's cars are built. 

It is a single word

So I will start with driveability.

The following is taken directly from the Wikipedia.



Driveability of a vehicle means the smooth delivery of power, as demanded by the driver. Typical causes of driveability degradation are rough idling, misfiring, surging, hesitation, or insufficient power.[1]


But what does it mean and how does it influence the requirements for automotive engine design? 

We can skip to the last part of the definition for our answer.          

"insufficient power"  

More then anything this is the driving requirement that is most important in why engines are designed the way they are.

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