I want a strong, athletic, healthy body, just like everyone else probably does. I wanted this when I was a boy, and was fortunate enough to find ways to do so. As a young boy, I tried finding some secret exercise that involved no equipment that would make me stronger than everyone else; or some secret recipe that would make me never get sick. To be honest, I almost got what I wished for. For my birthday a couple of years back, I received the Spartan Health Regimen. I’ve never been the same since.


If you are here reading this site, you probably want to live healthier as well; either that or want to see what kind of crazy claims I’m making. Well, if you fall under one of those two (or both), you should hopefully leave satisfied. These crazy claims I will be making are the end result of the last couple of years of research and experimentation I have done on my very own body. Since reading the Spartan Health Regimen, the most ill I have been (not even enough to be considered sick) was for one week where I had an extreme lack of sleep (about a third less of what I needed 5 out of 7 days of the week before).


I have studied online articles, pdfs, forums, even collected some good books, and much more ever since receiving The Spartan Health Regimen. I have tried many of these things on myself as well, and know how effective they are. I now wish to share them with those who will listen.


I originally had almost forgotten about this site, then one of my friends began asking me health related questions (and we would get into health talks lasting hours), so it is mainly for him and a few others I am even writing now. This way I will have a stockpile of already answered questions to direct my friends to; as well as any who will listen.


This whole site is based off two simple rules I discovered, which lay the foundation for everything else. These two rules are based off one simple principle, Simplicity. That is why there are only two rules, that is pretty simple.


The two rules are:


Eat Less


Work Harder


These are the two basic rules I used for myself, and they may need to be applied in different ways for different people (as far as eat more work less), but we need a simple base.


I will try and have ways for people to contact me to leave questions, because I need questions to keep this site alive. If asked a question, I could go on for pages answering it. This site is for others, because I want to share what I’ve discovered. Read, ask, and enjoy!