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Taconic Hiking Club 2014-16 Officers

President: Laura Fiske ( )

Vice President: Terry Tamer ( )

Treasurer: Mary MacDonald ( )

Recording Secretary: Martha Waldman ( )

Trail Maintenance Chair: David Pisaneschi ( )

Official address of the Taconic Hiking Club:

Taconic Hiking Club
c/o R.J. Hydorn
2 Miller Ave.
Troy, NY 12180

Taconic Crest Trail Map and Guide
Ellen Kozlowski                                                                                                                                                                  Go to the "Map" page for information about the map and how to purchase one.
Membership information for the Club and to change or add contact information:
Terry Tamer
Go to the "Membership" page to download an application 
Membership renewal dues are paid to:
Taconic Hiking Club
c/o Mary MacDonald
27 Woodside Drive
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Make checks payable to Taconic Hiking Club
Annual dues, $10.00 and $5.00 junior members (under 18).
Dues are due on January1st. 

Submit an activity for the seasonal schedule to:
R.J. Hydorn at 

Help Monitor Illegal ATV Use of the Taconic Crest Trail (TCT)
    A local forest ranger has been vigorously enforcing state regulations, and has apprehended several riders.  DEC has repaired ATV damage on sections of the trail and posted positive signage at several trailhead locations. It's important that we hike the trail and monitor any illegal ATV activity.

Report any incidences as soon as possible to:
DEC Ranger : Hannah O'Connor,   
Please also copy: David Pisaneschi,  
    If possible, please include descriptions of individuals and vehicles, license numbers, along with date, time and location on the trail.  

Do not challenge or confront ATV users. Any photos of ATVs and damage along the trail would also be useful.