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Please take care to match your physical condition and abilities to the stated length of the scheduled event you choose. It is each participant's responsibility to provide themselves with appropriate equipment and clothing. The outing coordinator may question participants in order to determine whether they are capable of completing the trip. Please cooperate for your safety and the safety of the group. It is in your best interest to let someone know if you have limiting physical conditions or are taking a medication.
"The superior hiker uses superior judgement to avoid situations requiring superior skill." 


CAUTION! The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation recently approved a logging operation in the vicinity of Potter Mountain Road as part of its commitment to forest management.  Loggers will remove trees infected with the emerald ash borer and other diseased and hazard trees.  The TCT will remain open throughout the operation, but please be careful when approaching a work area:

Stay 500 feet or more away from any active logging operation. 

Be sure the logger sees you as you proceed. 

There is a landing site near the gate, so if you want to park on Potter Mountain Rd you may be able to park farther down the road along the edge. 

            There will be no logging on Sundays and holidays.    


                                                                             Wednesday, September 19, 6:30 PM

                                                                        THC “Save the Club” Planning Meeting                                                                                 

                                                                             Bountiful Bread, Stuyvesant Plaza

Come help us plan the future of the THC.  Most positions on the board will be filled for the next two years but we need to ensure that we will have more volunteers to take these positions in the future and we need more volunteers for the various committees now.  Do you have any ideas to help increase membership and/or ideas for how to get members actively involved? Join us in a brainstorming discussion; we will explore creative ideas for what we can do to achieve our goals in the coming year(s).

You are also invited if you are interested in volunteering and have questions about it what you can do to help.  Contact Martha Waldman to register or if you are interested in volunteering.

RSPV PLEASE:  Martha Waldman martha829r@aol.com or 518 869 5109

Thursday, September 20: Paddle from Coeymans Landing

We can put into the Hudson at the Coeymans Landing launch, paddle south a short distance, then up the Hannacroix Creek. We saw a good deal of wildlife when I scouted this trip. I'm judging the tide charts so that we can hopefully get up the creek a good distance and have tide with us when we paddle back. Depending on wind, weather, and tide we could extend this a bit or just enjoy a relatively modest paddle.  Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Contact: Bob Armao at 518 271-6512 or bob_armao@yahoo.com

Length: 2-3 miles?


NEW DATE Tuesday, October 2: Lye Brook Falls, Manchester VT

This is a moderate and popular trail with some interesting geology and a rewarding waterfall. The 4.7 mile in and out trail has 900+ feet of vertical ascent. It's not particularly steep in any place, but is a bit rocky. Lingering at the waterfall for lunch sounds would be a good idea. Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Contact: Bob Armao at 518 271-6512 or bob_armao@yahoo.com

Length: 4.7 miles, elevation 900+ feet

Wednesday, October 3 Hudson River and Albany County bike paths.

We will begin at the Corning Preserve, ride to Watervliet, return, ride past the Corning Preserve, the Dutch Apple and on to the Albany Helderberg RR rail trail. We will ride toward, or to, Voorheesville.  Maximum cycling could be 32 miles RT, or we can turn around at whatever point the group agrees.  We will be joined by Springfield MA Rail Trail Cyclists.  Meet/park under the highway near the boat launch.  Be ready to ride be 10:30 am.  Bring, water, snacks, lunch,  helmet. Contact leader to register.

Leader:  Sharon Bonk, 518-674-0042; scbonk@gmail.com

       Monday, October 8 - Mother Ann Lee Nature Reserve and Shaker Heritage Society,

                                                                            Shaker Series #1, Colonie NY

This site was the first place that Mother Ann Lee and her disciples settled after leaving England in 1764, moving to this area after a brief time in New York City. The buildings post-date her life, but her grave is on the site.  We will walk in the nature preserve and around the extant buildings.  Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Leader: Sharon Bonk, 518-674-0042, scbonk@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 10, Hand Hollow Conservation Area, New Lebanon (Hiking Class)

This is the first hike of the "Hiking for the Inexperienced or Newly Retired" class. Volunteers are welcome to assist during the group hikes! 

Contact: Joanna at joanna@ezinga.net   or 518-610-1355 if you are interested in helping out.

Saturday, October 13: Taconic Crest Trail – Berry Pond to Rte. 20

                                                                                        Pittsfield State Forest

After spotting a car(s) at the Rte. 20 trailhead, we will drive to Berry Pond in Pittsfield State Forest; there we will start our through hike along the picturesque Taconic Crest Trail to Rte. 20.  The trail will take us over Tower Mountain then over several “ups and downs’ to the final descent to Rte. 20.  Hopefully, the changing leaves will provide us a brilliant display of color. 

Contact leader for meeting time and location, and provide recent hiking/biking experience. 

Distance: 8 miles, Elevation: 1000+ feet cumulative gain.  

Co-Leader: Cliff Prewencki.

Leader: Martha Waldman martha829r@aol.com

Sunday, October 14 Mount Lebanon Shaker Village Afternoon Ramble,

                                                                        Shaker Series #2, New Lebanon NYS

Although the visitor center is closed, we will walk among the buildings of the North Family and Church Family and in the North Pastures to see the extent of the commercial and agricultural activities, and the architecture.  The Church Family site is now home to Darrow School which will be in session. The North Family Site is an outdoor historic site.  Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Leader:  Sharon Bonk, 518-674-0042, scbonk@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 17 – Thacher Park (Hiking Class)

This is the second hike of the "Hiking for the Inexperienced or Newly Retired" class. Volunteers are welcome to assist during the group hikes! 

Contact: Joanna at joanna@ezinga.net or 518-610-1355 if you are interested in helping out.

Thursday, October 18:  Memorial Hike for Susan Roberts at Grafton State Park

Let’s gather at one of Susan’s favorite places and in her home county of Rensselaer to remember our hiking partner and good friend.  We’ll meet at the beach area at 10:00 and do the gentle loop around Long Pond for about 3 miles. At the end we’ll have lunch together and share some thoughts in the Amphitheater Pavilion, located just to the right of the concession stand. (The club has reserved the pavilion via its partnership with The Friends of Grafton Lake St   ate Park.) Bring pictures or mementos if you wish.  Susan did this hike in all seasons, and I’m sure she’ll be smiling down upon us. If you want to stay longer, unguided options on your own include a trip to the new Fire Tower trail or an afternoon loop around the Shaver Pond Trail--or bring your kayak or canoe for some contemplative time on Dunham Reservoir.  RSVP requested.

RSVP Please: Karen Ross, 518 794-7474 kcoyross@aol.com  or Lori McCarron, 587-1957, mmccarr2@nycap.rr.com

Saturday, October 20 – Taconic Crest Trail (TCT) Trail Work

We’ll cover the section of the TCT from Robinson Hollow to Mattison Hollow. This will involve blow down removal and drainage work. This trip will involve an overall elevation gain of about 1,000 foot and about an 8 mile round trip, depending on what needs to be done. The more trail needed will reduce the overall distance. Regardless, we’ll plan to be back at the trailhead by 4:00pm. 

Leader & Reservations: David Pisaneschi, 518 459-5969, dapadk@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 24, Beebe Hill State Forest, Austerlitz (Hiking Class)

This is the third hike of the "Hiking for the Inexperienced or Newly Retired" class. Volunteers are welcome to assist during the group hikes! 

Contact: Joanna at joanna@ezinga.net or 518-610-1355 if you are interested in helping out.


Annual Banquet

Location: Moscatiello’s Italian Restaurant, 99 North Greenbush Rd (Rte. 4), Troy

                                                                        Date & Time: November 4, noon to 4 PM

                                                                         Cost: $25 per person for a luncheon buffet

                                             Registration Contact: Margaret Parks at 518 250-5452 or margaretparks213@gmail.com

                                                                            Registration Due Date: October 28


Mackenzie Greer, Conservation and Stewardship Associate from BNRC (Berkshire Natural Resources Council), will present an interesting program on BNRC's High Road vision for a system of connected trails and towns in the Berkshires.  The High Road campaign seeks to conserve the most special places in the Berkshires: vista views, wildlife areas, forests, farms and streams. The ultimate goal is over 200 miles of trails within Berkshire County, called the Berkshire High Road. This will be of great interest to us as the properties they own and the trails they make are so close to home!

Monday, November 5 - Shaker Mountain,

  Shaker Series #3, Pittsfield State Forest, MA

This is part the Hancock MA Shaker lands. We will not visit the restored village, but we will see ruins of agricultural activity and visit a site of outdoor worship on top of the mountain.  Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Distance: 6+ miles, elevation gain: 800+ feet

Leader:  Sharon Bonk, 518-674-0042, scbonk@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 7: Silver Hollow Mt. Catskills

This hike is from Alan Via's book "The Catskill 67", which highlights the sub 3500 foot peaks in the Catskills. Alan describes it as "a lightly traveled, short, rewarding hike with excellent views near the summit." Sounds good to me! The trailhead is off Rt. 214 near Edgewood. You reach the summit in 2 miles and 1150 feet of vertical ascent. We could extend it by traversing the ridge a bit further. There are more ambitious options for future consideration.  Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Contact: Bob Armao at 518 271-6512 or bob_armao@yahoo.com

Length: 4+ miles, 1150 feet gain

Wednesday, November 14 - Tyringham Cobble, 

Shaker Series #4, Tyringham MA

This property managed by the Trustees of Reservations has been transferred several times since the Shakers left in 1874. One building remains (private), but we will walk on former Shaker lands to the Tyringham Cobble off Jerusalem Rd. We will do a loop that includes a bit of the Appalachian Trail. 

Distance: 2-3 miles, 400’ elevation gain.  Contact leader for meeting time and location.

Leader: Sharon Bonk, 518-674-004, scbonk@gmail.com

Saturday, November 17 - AT – Lions Head and Bear Mountain

Starting from the Undermountain trailhead, we’ll hike to the Paradise Lane trail to the Mass side of Bear Mountain. Once we summit Bear Mountain, it’s mostly downhill to our spotted cars on Route 41. In route, we’ll pass over Lion’s Head and take in its spectacular views.

Total distance is 9.9 miles, 1500+ feet gain. 

Leader & Reservations: David Pisaneschi