THCC is alive and well today thanks to the generous donation of time, money and items from those in our neighborhood. To all of you who have donated, we thank you!

We give special thanks to Andy Place who had the foresight to reserve an area in the heart of the neighborhood that would continue to foster community and friendships, as well as, be a safe wonderful summer place for our children.

We thank Nancy King who was able to secure financing to re-build the pool--saving this precious resource. 

Over the years our Staff and Board Members have spent countless hours making THCC what it is today. Their hearts, time and kindness have kept the spirit alive.

WNDU Story - THCC 

History of the Twyckenham Hills Neighborhood Pool 
by Deb Johnson (2005)

“When I drove up the hill, I followed the spotlights to what looked like 
a Hollywood movie setting.”

That’s how a prospective homebuyer described Twyckenham Hills in 
the early 1950’s. Andy Place, the builder, had an unusual and 
innovative way of marketing his newly built homes in the exquisite 
Twyckenham Hills neighborhood. 

Even though it then only consisted of about five streets, Andy Place’s 
new development was THE place to live for young professionals and 
their families. His practice of building homes (sometimes right into the 
side of a hill) and incorporating them with modern features like double 
garages and family rooms, earned Place Builders awards and coverage 
in the building trades magazines. Twyckenham Hills was even 
featured in Better Homes and Gardens!

The developer of Twyckenham Hills died in 1984. Place and Company is now Place Builders and continues to exist and is now being run by son Andy (known today as Andy Place, Sr.), and grandson Andy, Jr. 

Chris (Place) Fenton, daughter of the first Andy Place, noted she didn’t 
pay close attention to what her father did for a living, but that he 
enjoyed swimming and his “gift” to the neighborhood was the 
community pool (now known as Twyckenham Hills Community Club). 
Chris stated her father provided the land for the pool simply for 
enjoyment. It was a place for everybody to congregate and relax after 
a day at work. 

The original Place family moved to Privet Lane when Chris was two 
years old. Then the family moved to Hays Court and in 1966, moved 
out of Twyckenham Hills to her father’s newest development, 
Kensington Farms south of Ireland Road. As an adult, Khris Fenton 
wanted to live in her father’s neighborhood and now is a homeowner 
herself in Twyckenham Hills. 

The original swimming pool was made of half-inch thick plate steel. 
During the early 1950’s, steel rather than concrete, was the material 
of choice for in-ground swimming pools. During the summer of 1982, 
after an extremely wet August and September, pool members began 
closing down the pool for the winter season. In October it was 
discovered that the 10-foot deep end of the pool was suddenly only six 
feet deep! A high water table had caused the ground to sink under 
the pool, pushing the steel up four feet. 

Nancy King, newly elected President of the Board of Directors, plunged 
in with both feet and initiated her plan to “save the pool.” Five-year 
memberships were sold for five hundred dollars to amass the needed 
initial down payment for new construction. The L-shaped pool 
dropped from six lanes to four, and the original diving well was filled in 
with dirt. However, the pool members had the foresight to lay the 
pipes in case a diving well could be added later. Due to the heroic 
efforts of Nancy King and her many loyal pool members, THCC was 
able to open the following May (1983) in time for the next summer 

Children of the 60’s and 70’s remember “Dr. Bob” (Robert Dodd), a 
long-time board member, running the weekly swim meets on 
Wednesday afternoons while his wife Harriet, along with Mrs. Jean 
Hugus, were in charge of the timers. The THCC swim team remains a 
strong calling card, as many former team members go on to have 
successful swimming careers at our area high schools. 

Pool members also fondly remember the adult parties, the teenage 
parties (with live bands), and the annual Twyckenham Hills Relay Meet 
(which continued until the late 70’s). 

THCC remains now as the ONLY outdoor pool on the South side of 
South Bend, outlasting Kensington, Ireland Ridge and Scottsdale. 
Every generation agrees they spent the best days of their childhood at 
the Twyckenham Pool!

(Deb Johnson is a long time member of the pool and a former board member)