an enjoyable late summer ride

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 Sunday, October 16th 2011

Heide, my spouserl, gardener, age 47
Me, Iris, a retired old (laughing) lady, age 66
Road bike Tour to the Thayatal valley (Austria, Czech Republic)
This page is made primarily to honor the people who operate one of the last remaining railroad gifts in Austria: The Reblausexpress.
We undertake this tour, at least once a year, just to see, how time is changing...
The Reblausexpress reminds us on 'old' Austria, a country, which has been beautiful with open and honest people.
But time is changing...
We still have met open people on our tour, which made it even more enjoyable!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

And now to the ride:

prime pictures shows us on the train - and most important the train manager.

Please note:
all train pictures, as well as map are copied with the kind permission of the train manager.

Needless to say:
To ride the train and the Thayatal valley is a must for bicycle enthusiasts.



the map:


our train ticket:


more tour pictures: