Ursk: The Adventurer's Guild Archives

From July-September 2003, I ran a Third Edition D&D game in a setting largely based on the AD&D 2nd Edition campaign I ran in college. (For the meta-history of the world's previous incarnations, see History (of the History) of Arcadayn.) We started in 3.0, but converted to the 3.5 rules shortly before what turned out to be our last session. The game was running into serious scheduling issues, and before we managed to resolve them, I had to deal with a death in my family. At this time, I do not know for sure whether I will run any more Ursk adventures, but I am pretty sure that my next stint as a GM will be in a different setting. Because of Ursk's limbo status, I have decided to archive the background information that was originally posted on the game's Yahoo! Group site [which has been taken down].

Here is the intro text from the group's original home page:

Retired local adventurers have organized an Adventurer's Guild to provide the people of Canumant Island with a ready source of heroes-for-hire, and to give the new generation of would-be heroes plenty of opportunities to strut their stuff.

Canumant is set in Ursk, a Dungeons and Dragons (d20) world created by Tim Emrick (the list owner and GM). The island is a crossroads between the many cultures on the mainland--the human kingdoms to the southeast and east, the humanoid tribes to the northeast, the dwarven mountains to the north, and the elven woods to the northwest. Most of Canumant has been tamed, but the interior highlands are still home to goblins, kobolds, and a scattering of more dangerous monsters.

The campaign will essentially be a series of "one-shot" missions run for whatever players are available for a given session. All PHB races are allowed, plus a few MM subraces. All PHB classes except monks are allowed, but 1st-level characters cannot start as paladins. Heroes must be non-evil and able to "play well with others". Some feats, spells, equipment, and prestige classes from the class splatbooks will be available. More details will be given in the character-generation file.

Membership is by invitation only, as even with the flexible guild set-up, we can only handle a certain number of players. The game will be held Friday evenings at the GM's apt., from 7 PM until about 11-12.

Other information available here includes:
Information on the characters and their adventures can be found on these pages:
Duncan, the PCs' Guild "handler"