Mythos Decks

I've been playing the Mythos CCG by Chaosium since it was released in 1996-1997, and now own almost every card that was produced for the game. (Sadly, Chaosium seems to have removed all pages about the game from their website, but the Internet Archive Wayback Machine has preserved their Mythos pages here.) This page provides card lists for some of the decks that my wife Erika and I have built and playtested. 
    "No GOO" indicates that the deck lacks any Great Old Ones or Outer Gods. 
    "WIP" indicates a new deck that has not been playtested yet.

Alhazred Deck (Waking World: Middle East + Past; Nyarlathotep)
This deck focuses on the two-part "Seeking Everlasting Life" adventures, which involve resurrecting Albdul Alhazred himself.

Auction Deck (Waking World: Europe, Lovecraft County; No GOO) [WIP]
This deck moves between two regions. It is heavy on events in order to complete "The Strange Case of Charles Fort."

Azathoth Deck (New Aeon; Azathoth, Tsathoggua)
This deck focused on the "Ashes, Ashes, Azathoth" adventure and ways to cause and avoid radiation damage. That adventure requires a Great Old One or Outer God, which can be fulfilled using either Azathoth or Tsathoggua.

Bokrug Deck (Dreamlands: West; Bokrug) 
Adventures in Mnar and Ulthar.

Dreamlands Library Deck (Waking World: Europe/Dreamlands: East, West; No GOO) [WIP]
This deck is designed to visit all the various Great Library of the Dreamlands locations. 

Dunwich Horror Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country; Shub-Niggurath) 
A deck featuring the adventure "The Dunwich Horror."

Ghatanathoa Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country; Ghatanathoa)
This deck focuses on hitting hard with monsters in order to fulfill the "Knee-Deep in Doom" adventure and rapidly erode opponents' sanity. Ghatanathoa is included to fit the secondary theme of disabling allies, but is not required for any adventures.

Innsmouth Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country; No GOO)
This deck, set almost exclusively in Innsmouth, is built around the "Assault on Y'ha-Nthlei" adventure.

Save the World Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country, South Pacific; Cthulhu) 
This deck is built around the "Save the World" adventure.

Send in the Clones Deck (New Aeon; No GOO)
Fun with clones and doppelgangers.

Summon Great Cthulhu Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country, South Pacific; Cthulhu)
This deck is built around the "Summon Great Cthulhu" adventure.

The Ten Plagues Deck (Waking World: Middle East; No GOO) 
An Egypt deck using a Biblical-themed, custom-made adventure card.

Three-Region Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country, Europe, Middle East; No GOO) [WIP]
"The Royal Geographic Society" adventure requires locations in three regions of the Waking World

Time Machine Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country/New Aeon; Yog-Sothoth)
Time travel shenanigans via machine, spell, Yithians, and/or Yog-Sothoth.

Underworld Monsters Deck (Dreamlands: Underworld, West; Abhoth, Nodens) 
This deck travels the Dreamlands (including the Underworld) and collects many kinds of monsters (including two Outer Gods that both require underground locations to summon).

White Ship Deck (Waking World: Lovecraft Country/Dreamlands: East, West; No GOO)
This deck involved travel between Kingsport, Dylath-Leen, and Celephais. 

Yuggoth Deck (New Aeon + Space; No GOO)
This deck focuses on the Mi-Go and travel to space locations.

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