A Beginner's Guide to LARP

A Beginner's Guide to Live-Action Role-Playing

By Tim Emrick
(January 2001 Version)

This document is my attempt to provide some helpful information and advice for players who are new to live-action role-playing (LARP).


  • What is LARP?: A definition of what a live-action role-playing game is, with some discussion of the kinds of LARPs, and LARP's connection to other activities.
  • Before the Game: How to find a game, and how to prepare for a game.
  • During the Game: Understanding how a LARP works, pointers for getting the most out of your experience, and how to deal with problems.
  • After the Game: Understanding what happened, and moving on.
  • A Glossary of LARP Jargon: The "language" of LARP.
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UPDATE June 2017: I have copied this guide (and the pages below) to Thastygliax's Vault without editing them, except for fixing or removing broken links. I am aware that this guide is in desperate need of revision, but that will have to wait until someday when I am an active LARPer again. --Tim

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