Kulunthalamman Temple and Ayyanar Temple - Kumbhabhishekam - 04-Dec-2011

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Astabhandana Maha Kumbhabhishekam
                                                                                           Sri Kulundalamman and Sri Ayyanar Temples
 Dear all,
On behalf of SNASS team, I am extremely happy to inform all Sevarthis of T Puliyur group that the Thiruuppani work for Temple of our village Border Deity Sri Kulundalamman Koil is nearing completion, thanks to all your supports and encouragements. I am sure all of you may be aware that, the work which started on 24th June 2010 and planned to be completed in about 6 to 8 months time, had to be delayed for a longer time due to various unforeseen developments.
        This is yet another success story of SNASS and its team (both Outstation and Local) for their untiring effort  to get over all the hurdles and to give an excellent shape for the temple which is to be seen to be believed. Final touch for the temple is being given and it is expected that the entire work will be completed around 10th to 15th  November 2011.Also it is planned to complete the renovation work of Sri Ayyanar Temple by the same time.
     Based on above, I wish to communicate all the members that Ashtabhandana Maha Kumbhabhishekam for both Sri Kulundalamman Koil and Sri Ayyanar Koil are planned to be celebrated as below:
Date : 04-12-2011 ( Sunday)                      
Time : 10.00 AM to 12.OO Noon.
Detail of Poojas: 4 Kaala Poojas starting from 02-12-2011(Evening).
Formal invitation with details of the function will be put on our group mail shortly to enable Sevaarthis to have full details of functions.
This prior communication is being sent to you all, so that you can plan your trip to our village with your family and make the function a grand success and also get the blessings of Sri Kulundalamman and Sri Ayyanar swamy for all of you.
Looking forward for your participation and make function a grand success.
For details please do contact me as below or any other SNASS members.

Pillaiyar Koil Kumbhabhishekam

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Pillaiyar Koil Kumbhabhishekam held on 08-Sep-2011


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Dear All,
Sub: Sidhdhi Vinayagar Koil Kumbabhishekam,Thappalampuliyur.
I am one of those fortunate member of village who happened to attend the above function.
As you are all aware, that one of the well wishers of our village MR.N.Pakkiriswamy, a businessman in our village had undertaken the entire renovation and kumbabhishekam of this temple. We had earlier planned to combine the kumbhabhishekam for pilliar koil along with Sri Kulundalamman Koil. However since the work in that temple had been delayed due to the quantum of work, it was decided to conduct Pilliar koil kumbhabhishekam separately.
Accordingly the function was conducted on 8th September'11. As usual the function was celebrated in a grand scale. The function was a three days affair with four Kaala Poojas. The entire functions were spearheaded by a team of very learned Sivaachaaryas who did an wonderful professional job. Of course, the contribution by elderly members of our village like MS sastrigal, Sundaresa Bhagavathar etc. are worth mentioning, whose presence for the entire function made the same, very graceful. On the day of Kumbhabhishekam, the entire village had gathered to witness the function ( My guess is around 350/400 people) and get the blessings of Sri Siddhi Vinayagar. As a participative approach, six SNASS out station  members from chennai, visited Thappalampuliyur to attend the function.
I will  be failing in my duty if i do not mention  the effort and contribution made by Sri. N.Pakkiriswamy for the great event which is forerunner for many more such Kumbhabhishekam to come. But there was an equal contribution by local village  SNASS team (viz.) Sethu and Kalynam  who have been supporting Sri.Pakkiriswamy in making the whole affair a grand success.
We also utilised this occasion to visit and have a glimpse of work that is progressing for our Sri.Kulundlamman Koil. I am happy to inform you that almost 90  % of the work is over. We also conducted this time our SNASS monthly meeting in the new complex of Sri Kulundalamman Koil along with Local team to discuss various planning arrangments for Kulundalamman Koil Kumbhabhishekam.
I also had an impression from the way the pilliar Koil function was performed,  by gods grace,we as a team can make Sri Kulundalamman Koil Kumbabhishekam also a grand success. I am confident that local team can make necessary arrangments in a planned manner, given the fact that it has been proposed to conduct  Sri Kulundalamman koil Kumbhabhishekam on 4th December'11 ( Sunday) between 11.00AM to 12.00 Noon and we have sufficient time to plan and do the things.
Looking forward for your continued support. 


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Sri Nithyakalyani Amman Seva Samithi.

Sri Varadhraja Perumal Thunai.

Sri Nithya Kalyani Amman Seva Samithi,


News Letter On "Samashti Rudhrabhishekam and Sri Rama Navami Functions"


Dear Sevarthis and members of T.Puliyur group,

The period 29

th April to 1st of May of year 2011, is yet another memorable days in the the History of T Puliyur.

A crowd of approx.350 people gathered for witnessing the functions of Rudhrabhishekam and approx. 150 people who witnessed Sri Rama Navami function. To the best of my knowledge, this has never happened in the past.

Yeah ! Samashti Rudhrabhishekam and also 61

st Sri Rama Navami festivals organized by Sri Nithya Kalyani Amman Seva Samithi ( SNASS) went on exceeding well, if the feed backs received from various sections of Sevaarthis are any indication. Thanks to the Members of SNASS (Local & Outstation) and also the kind of overwhelming support provided by all of likeminded sevaarthis like you.

The highlights of the preparation and conduct of these functions are as follows:

1. Tireless effort for the last one year by SNASS team to expand breadth and width of address bank which has resulted to enrol approx. 200 contacts of our origin.

2. Planning for the programmes, Budget and method of reach to Sevaarthis etc well in advance (approx. 3 months ahead).

3. Planned and formal monthly follow up meetings with Chennai & Local members to ensure Well planned communication, handling of Donation receipts, handling of outstation Sevaarthis at Thappalampuliyur for their stay etc.

This was followed with Meticulous planning and execution done by Local Team

a. for House keeping of village agrahaaram, Road ways for Ayyanaar Koil, House keeping in Village Temples.

b. Arrangements for Transportation, Stay and catering for all Sevaarthis during the three days of stay.

c. Identifying Additional experienced Kurukkal / Bhattacharyas) for managing Poojas , Alankaram, and Deeparaathani.

d. Planning for Sankalpam and also Prasaadam distribution in a very orderly manner.

e. Refreshments during function to beat the Heat.

f. Organising other arrangements for functions like Flower, Milk etc. {Not to forget Karupaachaaru!! (sugar cane juice) as requested by MS Saatrigal,and which is said to be very auspicious item for abhishekam }.

4. The worth mentioning point is the effort put by the local team with all limitations of village, including their sacrifice of their personal life /conveniences for the last few days.

5. In Particular i would like to place on record my appreciation and thanks to effort taken swiftly to manage a sudden spurt in head count Sevaarthis from an estimated fig of 150 to actual figure of approx.350.

6. Interestingly the sevaarthis are a mixed crowd who are members of village (both local and outstations), Members who have not seen the village but inherited from village, People whose Kuladeivam is Sri Nithyakalyani amman, and those who are not connected with village but was quiet keen to visit our temple and village and see the functions. This gave an excellent platform to know our olden generation and links which were very pleasant memories

7. The whole Agrahaaram of the village was having an excellent Festive look with fairly clean roads. Also the number of Motor Vehicle standing in front of every house is an indicative of number of participants for this function.

8. Really, by managing this function, SNASS has been able meet one of the main objective of this year by ensuring these function go on very well as planned and reap the fruit . The success of the function is result of the meticulous planning by SNASS, coupled with the active participation and support by the Sevaarthis/Donors etc.

9. The SNASS team also took this an opportunity to discuss issues of Fund situation and Kulundal Koil with Local Other sections of people and actions to speed the long due Kumbhabhishekam.

10. This was followed with a special SNASS Meeting with Local members to discuss and take appropriate actions. The main topics were

a. Lessons Learnt on conduct of Rudhrabhishekam.

b. Points for improvement.

c. SNASS Trust formation status.

d. Status of Kulundal koil Thiruppani and also pre planning activities for Thiruppani for Sivan & Perumal temple.

11. It was a site to see and enjoy the street as well as the procession when there was a "veedhi Oorvalam" ( Street Procession) of Sri Ramachandra Swamy on the night of May 1

st .

12. The Team would be shortly posting various photographs /Video clippings in web site which will be communicated as and when it is posted.

13. We will be shortly despatching Prasadams to those whose who have been enrolled in our address bank barring those who have already got the same in person while visiting Temple for the function.

14. Before i conclude this letter, i would like to place on record my sincere thanks and appreciation on behalf of SNASS Team, for the support extended by each every one, as below, without which the successful conduct of this function and continued activities of SNASS would have been a "Day Dream"

a. Sponsors & Donors for this function as well as for Annual temple Maintenance activities.

b. Sevaarthis both Local as well as from outstations, who took special Pain to come to village and make this function a grand successful one.

c. SNASS Team members who have been with Samithi works all through the year and particularly for the last 3 months for effective planning & implementation of activities.

d. Local Team with particular mention to Their family members for the stupendous tasks they have carried out.

e. Sastrigal, Bhagavathaas,Kurukkals as well as Bhattachaaryas who have really put in their excellent effort for making these functions as a memorable one. Specific Mention to M.S.Sastrigal for his all out guidance, advise and various actions for the last three months.

f. Also those Sevaarthis from outstation who were engaging themselves as part of the Team for various activities carried out by Local Team.

15. Such success stories only puts lots of pressure and responsibility on SNASS Team to get them selves ready for meeting more and more challenges and quality services to Sevaarthis. I am sure, as a Team, and support from Donors/Participants we will be able carryon the Task to exceed the expectation of Savaarthis.

16. I Pray Sri Nthyakalyani Amman and Sri Varadharaja swamy to give us every thing that is needed to carry on the journey set by SNASS for this noble venture, year after Year.

Thanking you all once again and Looking forward your continued support.



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