Thappalampuliyur Village

Thappalampuliyur is a small village situated 5 km south east of Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu, India.Located near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur is an ancient shrine steeped in mysticism. It is rich in legend, history and tradition. Thappalampuliyur village has a one thousand year old Siva temple. Lord Shiva is known as Vyagrapureeswara and Goddess Parvathi is known as Nithya Kalyani Amman. There is a east facing Saniswara Bhagavan Sannadhi which is unique in the temple. EKa Patha Rudrar sannidhi facing north is another speciality in the temple. There is a big tank in front of the temple. The temple also has Lord Nataraja carved in granite stone. It is one of the 9 Vyagrapurams where Sage Vyagrapadar installed Lord Shiva and commissioned a temple. All the 9 villages have names ending in Puliyur.

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Prominent Deities of the Village

Some of the recent photographs of the gods and goddesses worshipped at this village





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