Thank you Naturewatch Foundation supporters for funding the sterilisation of pet dogs in Kharkov, Ukraine. 

Your donations will help to dramatically reduce the stray dog population.

All stray animals in Ukraine are either former-owned pets or descendants of owned pets.   Sadly, many pet owners in Ukraine earn so little they cannot afford vet fees to sterilise their pets.  With the freedom to breed, their pets contribute greatly to the stray dog problem.   

Whilst most initiatives to reduce stray dogs in Ukraine only address the consequences of the problem, Naturewatch Foundation’s sterilisation project is addressing the root cause of the problem.  By reducing the source of unwanted puppies that will become stray dogs, this project is aimed to help both animals and people, like the lady whose story you can read below. 


Olga Skorohod was born in 1927. During the Second World War she was captured by the Germans whilst trying to evacuate.  Olga worked in a camp in Vilnius until 1942 with other women and children who were related to Russian soldiers.  She was then transported to Germany to a concentration camp.  It is a wonder that she was saved from the gas chambers!  Olga and 16 others were given compulsory labour.  She worked as a labourer at Alsace Lorraine of Mühlhausen town until October 1944, from 6am until 11pm.  She had to wear red overalls with black dots and tabs saying “O.S.T.”  During the war Olga wounded her leg.  Thankfully a German surgeon took pity on her and saved her leg by treating it.  Finally, Olga was saved by the Americans and she now lives in Kharkov with her beloved cat and dog.


Olga Skorohod is now 85.  Despite working hard her entire life, her pension is only 1170 UAH (£68) a month. 

One simple operation by the Naturewatch Foundation vet team in Kharkov has ensured her dog, Dasha, does not have puppies.  Her dog will not add to an increasing stray dog population and Olga can rest in confidence knowing that Dasha can enjoy playing in the park without the fear and awful decisions that would have to be made if she produced puppies.

 Here is the team of the SPA"Together" volunteers who are co-ordinating the sterilisation project on behalf of Naturewatch Foundation. (From left to right) Elena Kravchenko, Julia Slatina, Olga Tsygankova, Natalie Sorokopud and, of course Julia's dog, Terik, who helps a lot - he inspires us all :)